24 Apr 2019


Jiangsu has recently been very active in providing activities for foreigners to experience the true culture of this province.


The "Go Jiangsu trip" is one of China Daily's series of activities for foreign friends in Jiangsu, an effective platform to foster the exchange between China and other countries, which has attracted attention and participation worldwide. Since last year, China Daily and Jiangsu provincial government had jointly organized the trip for four times. Forty of our foreign friends, all followers of official Facebook and Twitter accounts of Jiangsu, have traveled around the province to experience its beautiful natural landscape, rich historical relics, exquisite folk customs and strong economic development. So far, the number of followers of our accounts has exceeded 1.45 million, building a bridge for conversation between people in Jiangsu and from all over the world.




Last Saturday, these foreign online celebrities and influencers who actively bring attention to our magnificent area on “Beautiful Jiangsu’s” Facebook and Twitter sites visited some famous scenic spots in Jintan like Oriental Salt Lake, Maoshan Mountain just name a few. This time it’s our intention that the visit to Jintan district of Changzhou would inspire our foreign online celebrities to continue carrying the message of friendship and enrichment which would enable Changzhou to be seen clearly by a global audience.


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2019/05/31 22:21
In our own lives, we should be grateful to our parents because they nurture us,companion with us  sharpen us, and most obviously they devoted their love to us. Range from we are a baby to be a adult, our parents always keep going with us, feeling happy with us, and sad together. We might found a lover in the rest life that we can't stop love her or him,and the as he or she. But we should recognized that no one can replace our parents, and nobody would show the same mercy and patience when we are a just a kid. Our parents dedicate their youth on our growth, so is there anybody who deserve the most of  your grate but your parents? Of course not,so let's express your appreciation to your parents ,don't leave some regret on them.They always love you .
2019/05/12 10:24
Patriotism refers to the love of one's country and willingness to defend it.Whoever bears patriotism in mind gives priority to national interests instead of their own.They love their country and therefore their fellow citizens.They are willing to help others in adversity.They shine in their respective posts.Also,they have the desire to unite as one to paint a better motherland.By reason of these,our society is harmonious and stable like today.
2019/05/11 22:31
In my perspective, if everyone loves their country deeply, they are willing to devote themselves to the country. Then, a harmonius and sustainable society is easy to create. Patriotism can integrate the whole society, because the citizens of this country have a common dream is to make this land which they love so much beeter.
2019/05/11 16:02
A country  with a strong  national cohesion  is really powerful ,especially the patriotism. Its' men are full of energy,and recognize their responsibilities upon their  nation.They know that  only themselves be industrious ,be creative ,and be patriotic ,the country can be long developing ,then they can be have a prospect future. Thereafter they have the enthusiasm  to make progress ,whether for their own or the country. They work hardly, learn diligently ,produce vast,create technology , enrich the  ideologies . That's how the patriotism effect  our society and country.
2019/04/26 10:33
As is vividly demonstrated in every family,when coming acorss affilictive errors,rational respect works out to be an essential solution to employ.
Dagging Away说:
2019/04/25 14:24

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