6 Mar 2019


Chinese Premier Li Keqiang delivered the Government Work Report to the second session of the 13th National People's Congress in Beijing on Tuesday.


The words reflect new issues China faces like "China-U.S. Trade Frictions" and new major projects such as "Hainan Pilot Free Trade Zone." China's development model is shifting as shown by "Core Technology" and "Blue Economy". The government is also responding to people's immediate needs, such as "Higher Vocational Schools", "Food and Drug Safety Supervision" and "Infant Care".



The second graphic illustrates the most prominent words in the tree map. The keywords identify the issues and terms on which Chinese government has placed emphasis. "Development," "Reform" and "Economy" are the top three words in the report, the same as in last year's report.

The government's new GDP target has been the most watched item in the annual government work report. The chart below presents China's GDP goals and actual numbers from 2014. For this year, China set its GDP growth target between 6 percent and 6.5 percent.


The following graphic also includes the comparison between China's goals and achievements for 2018 in economy, government budget, people's livelihood, infrastructure and environment protection, as well as plans for 2019.

(Graphics by Fan Chenxiao, Gao Hongmei)

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2019/04/28 13:03
All of us have self-hobbies, through there are somebody' s seems like a little strange . But we should recognize  that everyone is free to have one or more hobbies ,and we must learn to respect them .  Thus , take it easy when you see somebody wearing a weird suit , having an odd hair , don't look at them for a period . That's their freedom and  character which we all have ,that's one hand  how we respect people.
2019/03/28 21:52
All we can't run away  from the  noisy society or avoid the connection with other citizens.Ranking  the daily life to  work, we can't live without other's  work.We should respect those people whom have make effort in constructing the society ,either the are  live or death.Likewise,the society supply us living,then we should return it,simply,begin with being a good citizen,showing our mercy to the whole world ,take responsibility loyal and so on. If every citizen can reach it,the world we live would be more harmonious.
2019/03/13 11:13
In order to achieve higher levels of development and reform, it would seem that EDUCATION should have a higher priority.  Although I do see that Vocational learning does have a strong position but that caters to the service industries. Strong leaders need greater education.

2019/03/13 11:04
These are really great graphics.

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