21 Nov 2018

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2018/11/23 11:35
I am totally in love with Dirk's wheat beer! And he's right about not having a hangover the next day. Great interview.

2018/11/23 11:33
This place really is as good if not better than the place you can get German food in Wujin. Wish it were in Wujin instead of downtown.

2018/11/23 11:31
This is great to see a place that features interesting places and people in Changzhou. This is really a diverse city in China. And so many different cultures.

2018/11/23 11:29
He has an excellent location and is a real asset for the foreign community.

2018/11/23 11:28
I LOVE THIS GUYS PLACE! It's the best beer in the city. And a great environment.

2018/11/23 11:26
Dirk is very handsome. And he's really enterprising.

2018/11/23 11:24
I know Dirk and this is a great interview. He is just as friendly in person too.

2018/11/23 11:23
This is great to see foreigners here.

2018/11/23 11:22
OMG! Your interviews are back. Great to see you again Atlanta. I prefer this more than anything.

Dagging Away说:
2018/11/21 17:14
I LOVE Atlanta's interview!

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