6 Feb 2012



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2012/02/07 13:08
Atlanta, you are getting better and better!

2012/02/07 12:22
VERY COOL INTERVIEW! He's a really handsome guy.

Love the new look but agree with Hannah.

2012/02/07 11:46
Great new picture - always wondered what meaning the lime had as a logo. Pity you still can't tell the city we live in unless you are already here.

I am so glad I didn't miss this interview. I like these kinds of stories the best.

Happy Lantern Festival Folks!

2012/02/06 21:38
Love the new logo - you were due a new look Atlanta!

Wonderful wonderful interview. I really enjoy the pieces you do with local folks.

2012/02/06 17:01
Glad to see you upgraded the "lime" picture of Changzhou Atlanta!

Elliott is totally handsome.

2012/02/06 16:54
Whoa - another dimension of Changzhou!

Happy Lantern Festival Friends.

2012/02/06 16:21
Hey My Beautiful Changzhou,

Am back and loved seeing another wonderful foreigner who loves this city like we do....

Happy Lantern Festival!

Emma Xu说:
2012/02/06 15:05
Hello, Wang. I registered! I can`t watch the interview....I don`t know it`s my computer or internet problem
2012/02/06 12:16
Wow, had no idea this kind of thing was going on in Changzhou!

You are so in the know Atlanta.

Happy Lantern Festival!

2012/02/06 12:01
I liked this interview! Especially the costume you designed Elliott. Maybe you can design more beautiful clothes for Chinese women (smile)

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