6 Feb 2012



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2012/02/08 13:01
I really enjoyed this interview! I love the little black dress in the background.

Glad to see you upgraded your logo.

2012/02/08 11:23
This is something I truly didn't know about Changzhou.

Elliott your interview was very informative and i love that coat.

2012/02/08 10:15
Lovely new logo - never did understand the meaning behind the lime.

Who knew??? High fashion in Changzhou! Elliott you are delightful.

2012/02/08 08:38
What an interesting interview.

Like the new logo - now folks can tell where we are in the world. Is Changzhou the only city in China called the Dragon City?

2012/02/07 17:57
Hey My Friend - this guy is very interesting.

Good story and great improvement on the page.

2012/02/07 17:32
Hey Handsome, another GREAT INTERVIEW!
Does anyone else notice the wonderful coat in the background - I would buy that in a heartbeat.

Love the new corner picture!

2012/02/07 14:49
I think this must be a very interesting interview - my wife alerted me of it and she's still traveling.

Nice logo change.

2012/02/07 14:44
I really enjoyed this interview! I had no idea that the fashion industry was in Changzhou.

Why not add the name of our city at the top of the page? The picture is a good change but who would know about Dinosaur Park unless you already lived in The Dragon City? If in fact IDENTITY is what you were shooting at.

2012/02/07 14:43
Will do! Thanks for the suggestions!

2012/02/07 13:44
How interesting that high fashion is in Changzhou!

Like the new corner logo - maybe you could add The Dragon City or Changzhou so people know where we are in China.

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