6 Feb 2012



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2012/02/09 14:22
Ohhhh Elliott I am so happy to know that fashion is coming to Changzhou.

Do you teach basic sewing classes? I would love to learn.

2012/02/09 14:03
WOW! Great interview Elliott. What a treat to meet someone from the Fashion industry here.

I'm sure Atlanta will be able to put you in the right direction but you should absolutely ask the Mayor directly about the government having an Arts and Creative promotional department.

And if they don't perhaps set about the task of creating one - I would love to see more cross-cultural Arts and other creative businesses and presentations here.

This Mayor is really a gem and since he has excellent English speaking skills I think it will be an easy task to at lease beg the question of him.

I look forward to your positive progress - I hope you check in  with us regularly.

2012/02/09 13:45
Great interview Atlanta!
Why not refer to Mayor's Mailbox? Maybe the government can help the small and medium-sized business to grow in Changzhou. Good luck Elliott!

elliott frieze说:
2012/02/09 13:17
Dear All,

thank you for your support here in Changzhou.

After an exhausted search I am still none the wiser and unsure if the Government in Changzhou has a Department dedicated to the promotion of the Arts and Creative Industries.

Could someone point me in the right direction with whom I could contact in the City?

I would be most appreciative.

Best wishes

2012/02/09 11:57
How great to hear about you Elliott!
Fashion is really a "sun rise" industry in Changzhou.
Let me join with others in cheering you on toward great success.

2012/02/09 11:36
Elliott we are really pulling for you!

It looks like you all that you need to succeed.

Much luck!

2012/02/08 19:03
Fantastic interview!

All of us are cheering for you Elliott - in the past most foreigners who haven't been involved in a mega-sized investment group within the city have had a hard way to go. We want to prove that small and medium sized start ups ARE possible! That would really change the economic climate here for all of us - for the better.

Please feel free to call on us any time. The foreign business community is relatively small now but growing fast.

Good change in the logo Atlanta!

elliott frieze说:
2012/02/08 15:19
Dear all,

I would like to thank everyone for their kind comments and especially Atlanta for the interview.

I truly believe that I made a wise decision choosing Changzhou over Shanghai as this City has a great energy.

I feel that it's on the cusp of becoming a new emerging city of Design and hope that I can be a part of this by launching my brand FRIEZE by Elliott J. Frieze down town later this year and nurturing the new generation of talent that this City has to offer.

Keep up the great work!

Best regards

2012/02/08 15:01
Hey hey a new logo for our blog! Looks great!

What a handsome guy to interview! Interesting that!

2012/02/08 14:33
Great interview - would buy the little black dress in a heartbeat.

Love the new logo - make more sense than the lime to me.

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