6 Feb 2012



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2012/02/11 11:59
Welcome Elliott,

You bring a fresh new industry to a city known mostly for its industrial manufacturing.
Pulling for your great success!

I like the new logo.

2012/02/10 17:52
Elliott how great to see you arrive on our scene!
I am wishing and hoping that you not just succeed, but succeed BIG!
GOOD LUCK IN YOUR ENDEAVOR and please stay in touch with our community so we can see how you progress.

Love the new picture Atlanta - makes better sense than the lime!

2012/02/10 17:39
Hey hey nice to meet you Elliott! Can really get behind your dream and will love watching it unfold here.
I would so buy that little black dress in the background.
Learning to sew is also a goal of mine - will give your contact a call.

Hi Atlanta good move changing the logo so people can tell which city we're in.

2012/02/10 15:25
Welcome to the community Elliott!

Your instincts about Changzhou are absolutely DEAD ON!
And the others are right about small and medium foreign businesses having an uphill battle here. Mostly it is about being taken advantage of, since there is the unfortunate feeling that anyone foreign is rich.

But you have come at a great transitional time in the city, with the coming of Mayor Yao and his forward thinking and special abilities to see Changzhou as an active part of a global community.

So keep slicing forward and I hope you can realize your dream here. You are ahead of the game having found this group to ask for help when you need it.

Good on you Elliott and good luck!

2012/02/10 13:45
Hey Elliott I am totally pulling for you to succeed here!

Like the new Dinosaur Park picture in the corner Atlanta.

2012/02/10 13:06
You're a GREAT addition to the city Elliott!

Keep fighting for your dream, I'm sure all of us will do what we can to help you along.

Atlanta good change to the logo.

2012/02/09 18:18

High fashion in Changzhou - I am totally stoked about your being here Elliott!
Atlanta should be able to hook you up.

I am definitely in your corner.

Hey I like the new logo!

2012/02/09 15:45
Very pleased to see this line of dialogue here!

Elliot I would suspect Jinbin's Foreign Affairs Department will be the first line interaction for you.
Be persistent!

Glad to see you have true grit - this is a great city ripe for new ideas and a widening of their perspectives. Fashion is one of those cross cultural bridges that could do this economy some real good.

elliott frieze说:
2012/02/09 15:18
Dear Adrienna,

please feel free to contact Lawrance Tee at the Raffles Design Institute, I am sure that he will be able discuss this with you.

You can contact him directly at lawrencetee@raffles-design-institute.com

Best wishes

2012/02/09 14:29
I've also heard that Changzhou made it hard for the medium and small sized businesses.
Elliott I sure hope you are the exception that changes that rumor.
I would definitely put it to the Mayor's office also.
Please let us know how you move along. Good luck in your endeavor.

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