21 Jun 2008
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Welcome to the ENGLISH TEAHOUSE!

In the spirit of "Practice makes Perfect" the CTV English News Program is opening the English Teahouse blog. Here you will be able to exercise your English language skills. You may comment on current programs, or start a subject of your own. Don’t be shy, just try!

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2019/05/30 20:34
In the abstract,gratitude refers to expressing our thankfulness to others for their help,which is the return of their help. From my point of view,the people that I most appreciate is my parent,especially for my mom. She gave birth to me. Meanwhile,she raised me up and had me educate.  Parents are the biggest benefactor that deserve the gratitude of their children.

2019/05/30 20:31
I think as a student, we should be most grateful to our parents and teachers who provide us with education. Education is very important. Our parents and teachers provide us with opportunities and resources to receive education. So this is what we should be grateful for as a student.
2019/05/30 07:13
As a student,I think we should be most grateful for the education we get.I couldn't imagine the life for me if I don't get any education.Education is the key for us to get the life we want.It is a key to open more opportunities and a new world for us.Knowledge isn't the only thing school teach us.We can also learn the way to think,the way to communicate and the way to solve hard problems.
2019/05/29 14:41
Proactive means making things happen or change rather than reacting to events.If I am not proactive in my choice,I will miss the choice.It's ok to miss one opportunity but it's a pity to miss more.We are supposed to take the opportunity proactively as much as possible.
2019/05/29 14:40
If we are not proactive enough in our life,we may lose many chances which can help us to be better.The gap with others is getting bigger and bigger,and then we may lose our braveness and confidence .It makes us be afraid of showing us in the front of many people .
2019/05/29 13:58
In our life,we must have experienced many successes and failures.When you succeed,there are many reasons to be grateful,but when you fail,don't you just complain?In fact,in failure,we should be more grateful.Thanksgiving failure let us see the gap.Thanksgiving failure let us grow.Learn to appreciate failure,you can taste the joy of success.So in my opinion,students should be most grateful for failures in their lives.
Mary is smart说:
2019/05/29 10:48
I think the most grateful people for students are their parents and friends. Because parents gave them life, and friends will accompany them through the most difficult and darkest time. In this society, parents and friends are a close link in their survival chain. Everyone can survive in this society without leaving their parents, and friends will bring the best help to their careers and lives. Therefore, the feeling of gratitude should be showed and known for everyone.

2019/05/29 08:24
We cannot imagine what the life will be when we are not proactive in our choices, because it is so horrible. Faced with a struggle which is inevitable in the life journey, we shrink back and don't want do deal with it. The action means we lose before we start. What a pity! The whole world could be meaningless to us. To some extend, it is the harm to human civilization. So, being proactive is significant to us all.
2019/05/29 07:23
If I am not proactive, then I will do things without a plan, without a plan to complete the task is inefficient, and it is not easy to do well. What’s more, people who are not proactive always take things one step at a time, they live very passively, and the meaning of life is hard for them to understand.
2019/05/29 07:20
Only by being proactive can we get more opportunities. If we do not take the initiative, we will miss some chances, such as promotion, progress, exercise. Without being proactive, our lives will become rigid, stagnant and deadlocked.
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