21 Jun 2008
English Teahouse
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Welcome to the ENGLISH TEAHOUSE!

In the spirit of "Practice makes Perfect" the CTV English News Program is opening the English Teahouse blog. Here you will be able to exercise your English language skills. You may comment on current programs, or start a subject of your own. Don’t be shy, just try!

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2008/07/08 06:47
try this?

2008/07/08 06:32
try try try

<img src=http://photo.store.qq.com/http_imgload.cgi?/rurl2=9aa3050f4805092f8f5585762b252bdd0c607a0dfc6de0fab572a5d575bf68796ad83da3346dcb8d2a35aef7ec718f89d65446016893f3ddd84ce0cc6459ec0d015ad35f7b63ee3b330dad73c46d58034f5c13b5>

2008/07/08 05:52
to MsSailor,

oh no... just copy that entire link (without any space or "enter") and paste it to the address bar of IE, quite easy. However, maybe there is some special setup to your system, I don’t know.

Is anybody else able to see those photos?

-- Arlee

2008/07/08 05:46
I tried too Arlee UNSUCCESSFULLY. Maybe you could send a couple of your best ones to Atlanta and ask him to post for us?

Hi Chinasteve like your philosophy on life! Are you the Steve from the French snack shop?

2008/07/08 04:24
Well put Chinasteve! And I agree with you about Wang Jian too.

Arlee, I couldn’t see your pictures! ;( It opened a site that wanted me to subscribe to RSS feed.

2008/07/08 02:20
Hy everybody !

I was a bit long to join this blog, and waouh it is obviously THE right place where to be in order to get in touch and keep in touch wih each others. All topics are welcome for sure and this blog can ease foreigners’ life in this city. As wrote "Shiping" on a previous post, "life is a process", i agree and would add that despite many people say that "Happiness is a destination", we must do our best so that "Happiness becomes a daily trajectory", and this becomes much easier with each others help and understanding.

As a teacher, i focus on teaching such feelings : "Respect", "trust","self confidence" and " understanding" are key words for a better world, and we are all responsible to make these behaviours spread around us ;-) For sure, all over the world, for unexplainable human reasons, it is much easier to be selfish, unrespectful and greedy about anything. Whatever we do, whoever we are, the best teacher we will ever met during our lives is "life" itself precisely, sometimes understandable, sometimes kind, and on the opposite for sure sometimes violent and destructive...
But, as often taught too, we have to keep strong and positive, always keeping in mind that "the best is to come" especialy facing hard and bad situations. Making mistakes proves ONE thing : you TRY to do things. Making mistakes, as long as making it once, make us improve ! Who can say "i never did mistakes" except people who keep on waiting for things to happen to them, like watching a bad movie ? We have one life, and each life is a unique movie in which we HAVE TO be actors and not spectators.

Dear friends, as you can see, i like writing about "feelings" and relationships between people, and especialy between people of different cultures, and i will end for this time saying that, "differencies make life interesting", and this is why life in China is highly interesting, even though sometimes in specific situations ... hard to stand.

We are lucky to have such a good friend here, Wang Jian is one of these kind people doing his best to make life better for everybody, Chinese and foreigners, as one. Thank you so much ! ;-)

2008/07/07 06:08
Arlee, you are now a superstar in my blog:) (Smile) Thank you!

2008/07/07 05:21
hi everybody, please visit below web link for those photos taken in Mongolia.


Thank you all, I love you!

-- Arlee

2008/07/06 14:19
Thank you for your suggestions, KPanda,ProfL and Carmelita!Will discuss with webmaster! I will try my best to improve my blog step by step!

2008/07/06 13:31
Mr Wang, I am really proud of the progress I’m seeing with your blog site! It looks like everyone is enjoying the ability to exchange information and ideas. I would like to add to the suggestion list please.

Would it be possible to add a section on TRAVEL? Its such an important aspect of many of our lives.

Arlee I love how gracious you’ve been in helping others. I am truly honored to have you as a student of Corporate English and also a friend. Now why don’t you get your classmates to join in the fun? Practice makes perfect!

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