21 Jun 2008
English Teahouse
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Welcome to the ENGLISH TEAHOUSE!

In the spirit of "Practice makes Perfect" the CTV English News Program is opening the English Teahouse blog. Here you will be able to exercise your English language skills. You may comment on current programs, or start a subject of your own. Don’t be shy, just try!

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2008/07/09 00:15
Greetings Netizens of English Teahouse, I hope we can attract more and more to this section of the blog. The clock is counting down for me these days as I prepare to return to the States for a visit. But the BEST part of having this new place is that now I can stay in touch, even though I will be on the other side of the planet. It will be as if you can come along with me (won’t that be fun?). Would you be interested in seeing pictures of some of the places I visit?

Mr Wang, lets THANK those regulars that have helped make this site so lively! PROFESSOR L

2008/07/08 13:47
Atlanta, lets hear some of your stories about Mongolia. Do you have any pictures you can post? What was most surprising to you?

2008/07/08 13:44
Arlee, your pictures are great! I’m curious about their culture. Don’t mean to be crude, but how do they "hook up?" Did you see horses? Well, I don’t like meat much and don’t like milk either - sounds like a "fasting-kind" of adventure. Is there water available?

2008/07/08 13:41
Arlee, I went to Inner Mogolia last Sept and toured the capital city, Baotou and Chifeng. The journey was really fatanstic! But a little cold in the morning, just like you said July and August are the best season to go!

2008/07/08 13:24
hi lmignon,

I was told to go there better in August, since it’s full of colors.

In Jan it was really cold.

Food is mostly lamb and goat milk. But in the city it’s different, u can find fruits and vegetalbes in suppermarkets. But in the desert, no water, no fruit, no vegetables, only lamb and milk.

hope you have a great journey to Mongolia.

Thank you all, I love you!

-- Arlee

2008/07/08 12:19
Arlee, those are great pictures. Loved the camel and the yurts. But it looks cold. What’s the best time to go? How did you like the food?

2008/07/08 12:13
FANTASTIC PICTURES ARLEE! You really are a great photographer. How long did you stay? What time of year is best to go? What was you most outstanding experience? Mongolia really interests me.

2008/07/08 10:15

in the morning

the best road in Mongolia

most popular road in Mongolia



scared camel


the vehicle we rode

saved by the gas carried by the truck

inside the yurt

2008/07/08 08:32
Are there more travel pictures on this site we can see? This blog is tight! Right on Atlanta.

2008/07/08 07:50
YESSSSSSS! Arlee I can see it. Snow on the ground! Was it windy? More More More please.

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