21 Jun 2008
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Welcome to the ENGLISH TEAHOUSE!

In the spirit of "Practice makes Perfect" the CTV English News Program is opening the English Teahouse blog. Here you will be able to exercise your English language skills. You may comment on current programs, or start a subject of your own. Don’t be shy, just try!

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2019/05/22 20:58
Accountability plays an important role in regulating our actions in regard to religion, ethic and routine work, in any society, the arrangement of responsibilities indicate the rigid management, which can help us find out who is exactly responsible for one specific thing, that's why accountability is vital in our society.
2019/05/22 20:33
Accountability is the essential element of a city's stability. Only we  citizen fulfill our accountability, then our city will could be better.and better. Every human beings has their own accountability, such as family accountability,job accountability and etc. City is the big home,and we  also need to hold it accountable. As a citizen, we can get a lot of benefit from society, but it is important for us to take social accountability.
2019/05/22 20:09
If we're not proactive in life,people would get bored with us easily.At work,not being procative means we can't do the work perfectly.The result of doing one thing when people push you to do is terribly bad compares with doing it actively.Also,people would change their view to us and they may get angry if we are not proactive.
2019/05/22 20:04
Accountability is to take responsibility and be responsible for your actions. Accountability is a matter that should be done within the division, that is, to undertake the tasks that should be undertaken, to complete the mission that should be completed, and to do the work that should be done well. Everyone has different accountabilities, but they all have to take accountability for them so that society can develop.
2019/05/22 19:20
In our society,everyone should be accountable,just like everyone should obey the rule.Accountability makes the society in the true way,and guarantee the safety of ourselves.Accoutbility is a symbol of modern society ,it shows human’s wisdom.
2019/05/22 18:47
Accountability means the responsibility to someone or for some activity.It is vital in any society because if any society has no accountability,the society will become chaotic.It is terrible.And if everyone in society has accountability,the society will become harmonious.
2019/05/22 18:42
If people are not proactive, everyone will be lazy.No one will be the first to speak bravely, the world will be silent, no one will stand up to defend justice, then the world will be in chaos,and no longer beautiful. Everyone is not willing to help each other, then the world is no longer harmonious.People are also reluctant to learn actively, then everyone will become stupid and humans will degenerate.
2019/05/22 18:40
The implementation of the accountability system for the development of political civilization in China, as well as the implementation of the thought of "people-oriented" is of great significance, but in the process of its implementation, also may appear abuse their administrative power, inefficient problem such as the exercise of administrative power, in view of the possible problem
2019/05/22 17:07
As we all know, a society functioning well or not depends on whether its social division of labor is clear or not. People exist in a society with their own accountability. If everyone is accountable to their position and put effort into it the whole society will be a harmony world. Otherwise, no one would shoulder the responsibility, even be indifferent to the things around which would make life meaningless.
2019/05/22 15:53
There are numberless chances waiting for us in the world, but if we are not proactive, they will slip away from us without mercy. That is to say, you may miss a lot just in the ground of a little hesitation. It sounds a little bit exaggerated, but chance does always leave for those who can seize them proactively and bravely.
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