21 Jun 2008
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Welcome to the ENGLISH TEAHOUSE!

In the spirit of "Practice makes Perfect" the CTV English News Program is opening the English Teahouse blog. Here you will be able to exercise your English language skills. You may comment on current programs, or start a subject of your own. Don’t be shy, just try!

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2019/05/24 15:48
In today's life, the proactive is one of significant merits for people to finish work. If l'm not proactive in life, I think many things which can't be deal well. Maybe I become pessimistic about life, tired of getting along with others and refuse to manage some difficulties. There is no doubt that I will can't put all my energies into study, work or life. Hence, the proactive is of vital importance. In conclusion, it's imperative to build proactive in the heart.
2019/05/24 10:32
Being a proactive person means taking chances and being active. If you are passive,you are supposed to be failed and lose chances. When I was in my high school,I chose the passive action that I didn't participate in a debate contest. Consequently,the quota of applicants was full two days later. So I lost this good opportunity to make myself better.

2019/05/24 10:07
If we are not proactive in life,we can hardly do anything.When you have a dream,you should have seeked chance to achieve it.But if you are not proactive,you will not seek chance.Even if you have a chance,you will lose it too because you are not proactive.
2019/05/24 09:16
As  far  as  I am concerned,being proactive contributes to our future in many ways. It help us hold on  a lot of opportunities.Nevertheless,If we are not proactive in our choices,we may  lose many valuable chances to developments.Moreover,we are likely to communicate with others  less  and  less  afterwards.
2019/05/24 07:26
Be proactive  means if you want something you should  fight for yourself.Since we live in a competitive society,only be proactive can we grasp what we strong desire.If we are not proactive in today”s society,we will lose lots of opportunities,choices and many other things.
2019/05/23 20:37
Proactive,you can also think it as “active”. That means,you should do everyting or make decisions actively,taking the initiative directly and quickly. And if you are not proactive in your choice,as a result,you will miss beneficial opportunity. Simply,take the shopping for example,which i experience for myself. One time,i went to a store with my friend to buy something for dinner. So,i just want to buy a baozi. At the same time,a woman came towards me,wanting to buy baozi too. She was very hesitated,but i was very proactive. It is funny that she wanted to buy the same kind with me,but unfortunately,the shopper said the one i bought was the last one. This is just a daily thing,but put the same situation into different occasions like academic or job. That will lead to a very different result.
2019/05/23 19:10
If you are not proactive about your choices, you will put yourself in a passive position. So you can't control it. It will lead you by the nose. This is very disadvantageous to you. You can't predict the future. So only when we stay proactive can we have better control over our lives.
2019/05/23 18:49
People's life is walking in uncertainty, there is no life and rules that can be referenced to guide us. Many times we are unconscious about our lives, and most people are not aware of this unconscious state. Therefore, we always feel that the life of others is very exciting, and that we are very bleak, we will be anxious, have been busy, and have been inaction
Fanny tang说:
2019/05/23 18:34
people would change their view to us and they may get angry if we are not proactive.If a person is not proactive , then I think the life of this person will be very meaningless.
2019/05/23 12:51
If a person is not proactive , then I think the life of this person will be very meaningless.  But this is not a big problem, but if a person has not been proactive,then he will not love his life.  This is a big problem because he will have no hope and will not be happy.
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