21 Jun 2008
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Welcome to the ENGLISH TEAHOUSE!

In the spirit of "Practice makes Perfect" the CTV English News Program is opening the English Teahouse blog. Here you will be able to exercise your English language skills. You may comment on current programs, or start a subject of your own. Don’t be shy, just try!

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2019/05/28 14:12
Proactive people are constantly moving forward, looking to the future, and making things happen. They’re actively engaged, not passively observing. Being proactive is a way of thinking and acting. In the future you need to be proactive because, it's one of the best characteristics to show your personality. So be proactive.
2019/05/27 21:43
As it known to all, being proactive is a solid foundation of success.Proactive should be a necessary character of human beings.Everyone is supposed to understand the importance of proaction.However the situation that one is not proactive is inevitable.People who are not proactive may miss opportunities.No doubt that if you do not catch something or somebody proactively, you will probably be regretful of your action.You will be filled with shame if you're not proactive enough.So be proactive now.
2019/05/27 20:37
We need to be proactive in life. Because if you are not proactive, you will miss many opportunities. Positive is also an attitude. It can help you do something better. Being proactive can help you win more opportunities. It will make you different from others.
2019/05/26 19:23
Proactive spirit is the driving force for our development.If everyone does not take the initiative to do things, then society will be paralyzed. Everyone just does what he or she should do, and does not help others. Soon, society will gradually lack love and everyone will become indifferent.
2019/05/26 18:08
Being proactive means making things happen or change rather than reacting to events. It requires people to handle problems positively rather than avoiding them.    Now with the development of technology, the pollution of environment is increasing serious. If people are not deal with this, the world will be quickly destroyed. But if we are proactive to face these problems and take actions, the society will  become more harmonious.   If we are not proactive, we will miss many opportunities that make our success. If we are not proactive, we will not apologize to our friends and we may destroy our relationships with our friends.  So everyone should keep proactive.
2019/05/26 17:38
When I was a child, I was always urged by my mother to study. As long as my mother didn't pay attention to me, I would start to be lazy. As a result, I hated studying very much. In the long run, I saw other children's grades getting higher and higher, while my grades got worse and worse. I began to realize my own problems. Since then, I am more and more earnest in my study, and I also become more and more active in my study. When it is time to play, when it is time to learn I also want to take the initiative to learn. In this way, my grades are gradually getting higher, and my mother is pleased to see me take the initiative to learn.
2019/05/26 16:41
Proactive means someone can control a situation by making things happen rather than waiting for things to happen and then react to them.With this quality,you will control things and you won\'t be passive before anything that happens suddenly,without this,you could only be forced to receive things and other results that come after the decisions you made.
2019/05/25 23:22
When I was a child,my parents told me to be proactive.They said proactivness can help me a lot.If I choose to be passive,the chances and success will leave me alone.Being proactive is an important element of succeeding.Being proactive can help you get the opportunity to make it.So dont choose to be passive,succss likes the proactive people.
2019/05/25 10:11
We often hear people say that being proactive is life.Proactive represents effort and progress.If we are not proactive in our studies, our academic performance will plummet and we will not learn much ourselves;if we are not proactive in life, we will lose many opportunities to show our abilities;if we are not proactive , we won\'t make many friends.So, everything needs to be proactive.
2019/05/24 22:45
Once I was a passive and shy girl, I would not take the initiative to seize the opportunity. I just stayed in my own spot and witnessed the people who jumped at every opportunity in front of them, from a speech in class to a contest in public.Gradually, I found I have let many opportunities slip by, which once caught will push me forward. My not being proactive deprives myself of not just one game after another, but a confident and optimistic attitude optimistic life. For being proactive,in my opinion, is a lifestyle that is always full of the passion for the past, the present, and the future.
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