21 Jun 2008
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Welcome to the ENGLISH TEAHOUSE!

In the spirit of "Practice makes Perfect" the CTV English News Program is opening the English Teahouse blog. Here you will be able to exercise your English language skills. You may comment on current programs, or start a subject of your own. Don’t be shy, just try!

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2019/05/28 20:10
Being proactive means thinking and acting ahead of anticipated events. Not only is it a great method for avoiding more work down the road, it can also be extremely important for averting problems. To be proactive, start taking action, embracing your responsibility, and controlling your responses. By doing things such as anticipating your future and focusing on solutions instead of problems, you'll maintain a happier and more proactive outlook.
2019/05/28 19:44
Being proactive means pursuit what you want actively and positively.Life may go out of my control if I am not proactive.For example,I will never catch the opportunity,make full use of my abilities,find my potentials and make my dreams come true.I will never bring my ideals into reality without proactivity.
2019/05/28 19:28
Accountability means the obligation of an individual or organization to account for its activities, accept responsibility for them, and to disclose the results in a transparent manner. It also includes the responsibility for money or other entrusted property. Accountability infiltrates in every aspect of our lives and it regulates people's behavioral conduct which is beneficial to create a harmonious and stable society.
2019/05/28 19:16
Being proactive is very important in our study and working life. People with a proactive attitude, facing the difficulties in life, is not to avoid backing down, self-abandonment, but to actively invest, bold face. For the fleeting opportunity, not waiting to wait and see, but take the initiative to seize the opportunity, dare to innovate. If we are not proactive enough, we will lose some opportunities.
2019/05/28 19:11
ProactiveThis world is for those people who is always in readiness for taking opportunities and challenges, which demands us to be proactive. But if i choose the opposite way, conditions differ. Just like a snail, if he doesn't hold fast to climb the wall to stand on the top, he won't find how wonderful the different world just by his height. Neither i do. I would be a fool confined in my narrow world. In addition, in this fiercely competitive world, fruits would be taken out by others when i am absorbed in my leisure. Sometimes i feel the relationship between people is like a cognition about whether he or she or xx is    useful and as a result of which i am likely to be distant from my peers. In other words, if you open butterflies come but otherwise  you would be alone. Don't be like that. Open you, and play with butterflies.
2019/05/28 19:11
AccountabilityAny creature in this world should bear the results of what he does. Stones will be incessantly crashed by the current if he stay in the way of flow. Moquitos should pay the cost of lives when they are addicted to humen's blood. It is the same principle in the society of humanity in that it make everyone know everything is all with causes and reasons, which can alarm people to behave themselves and thus give more peace to this noisy world. In addition to the function of regulation, accountability inform people that they ought to pay more attention on what can be done and what should be done, then improving efficiency.
2019/05/28 19:10
PatriotismPatriotism is a spirit all of perceptive people should advocate in that it is the country that give peace to us.Through our life, homeland is where we are born, raised and educated to be an independent people. It deserves our love.Although it is a spiritual concept, it is more reflected in our behavior of sacrifice for country and its people than just think it as a slogan.We need it to repay what we get from our country and simultaneously our country need us to fulfill its prosperity.
2019/05/28 18:03
Without proactive, you may lose many opportunities, learn little, and stretch your abilities. We all need this kind of proactive to study or work, which is a positive attitude. proactive will make us know more, grow faster and make us move forward faster.
2019/05/28 15:56
In our society,positivity is a necessary attitude for everyone.For example,if we are not proactive,there will be no volunteers in our society.And our society will be very indifferent.Negativity will become the dominant theme of our society.Everyone will be negative to do anything.Maybe no one want to struggle.It is very terrible.So we should be proactive.
2019/05/28 15:09
If I am not proactive, I will lose a lot of chance. Being proactive means prepare well for the things coming. Without proactiveness, I won't prepare for the coming exam so I will fail me and my parents. In the future, if I am not proactive, I will lose my job because I can't finish my job in time. In a word, if I am not proactive, my life will be in a mess.
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