21 Mar 2020

Between00:00 and 24:00, March 20, no new confirmed case of COVID-19 was reported inJiangsu.



Asof 24:00, March 20, 631 cases have been reported in Jiangsu accumulatively, 93of which were in Nanjing, 55 in Wuxi, 79 in Xuzhou, 51 in Changzhou, 87 inSuzhou, 40 in Nantong, 48 in Lianyungang, 66 in Huai’an, 27 in Yancheng, 23 inYangzhou, 12 in Zhenjiang, 37 in Taizhou, and 13 in Suqian. 631 cases have beencured and discharged from hospital in cumulative terms.


Ofthe traced 12,657 close contacts, 10 are still under medical quarantine and12,647 have been released.


Expertsnote that all the confirmed cases having been discharged from hospital does notimply zero risk. Jiangsu is facing a pivotal moment as the pandemic is ravagingoverseas. All Jiangsu-bound travelers must comply with the regulations forpandemic control, truthfully declare their health conditions and travelhistories, report to and share information with their employers and residentialcommunities prior to their return journey, and make health declaration viaJiangsu Health Code. All those who have travelled or lived in key countries undersurveillancecoming to Jiangsu must comply with the regulations released vianotices by the Foreign Affairs Office of Jiangsu Provincial People’sGovernment.


Itis still necessary for the public to keep precautions in place; develop goodhygiene habits including wearing a mask and washing hands frequently; followproper cough etiquette; ventilate and clean homes and offices every day; andreduce group gathering. By doing so, infection risks will be effectivelylowered.


Appointmentis required for receiving diagnosis and treatment in all secondary and tertiaryhospitals across the province. To reduce crowd gathering and shorten waitingtime at hospitals, you are suggested to make an appointment with your doctorthrough multiple channels, including the internet, smartphone APPs, telephonecall, SMS and self-service machines at hospitals.

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