11 Mar 2020


Dear passengers,

Welcome toJiangsu. Welcome back home.

Given the currentglobal spread of COVID-19, Jiangsu Province has introduced containment measuresof inspection and quarantine for travelers from countries and regions severely affectedby the disease in accordance with the requirements of the State Council with aview to effectively curbing its cross-border transmission. For the safety andhealth of you, your families and the public, we hope to have your understanding,support and cooperation for the following entry measures during this specialperiod.

1. Pleasefollow the guidance of our staff, take a vehicle designated by them to the HuaqiaoInternational Expo Center in Kunshan, Suzhou with your face mask on during thewhole trip and fill in the Passenger Information Form. You will be picked up bya vehicle provided by the local government of your destination shortly afterarriving at the Center.

2. We willhave a short break at the Center, during which necessary control measures willbe adopted, including taking body temperature and declaring health conditions.

3. Pleasestrictly abide by relevant regulations on epidemic control, and cooperate withthe local government in implementing various control measures after arriving atyour destination.

4. Thosewho refuse to cooperate or deliberately conceal their travel history, contactwith confirmed cases and their own illnesses shall be investigated for criminalresponsibility in accordance with the law, provided they cause spread of theepidemic and endanger public safety.
Weapologize for the inconvenience and thank you for your understanding, supportand cooperation. Wish you good health and a pleasant journey.

ForeignAffairs Office of
JiangsuProvincial People’s Government

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