6 Mar 2020


Between 00:00 and 24:00, March 5, no new confirmedcase of COVID-19 was reported in Jiangsu. 8 more were cured and discharged fromhospital.

As of 24:00, March 5, 631 cases have been reportedin Jiangsu accumulatively, 93 of which were in Nanjing, 55 in Wuxi, 79 inXuzhou, 51 in Changzhou, 87 in Suzhou, 40 in Nantong, 48 in Lianyungang, 66 inHuai’an, 27 in Yancheng, 23 in Yangzhou, 12 in Zhenjiang, 37 in Taizhou, and 13in Suqian.

43 confirmed cases are still under treatment inhospital, 4 of which are mild cases, 36 moderate ones, 1 severe one (inNanjing), and 2 in critical condition (1 in Wuxi, and 1 in Lianyungang).

588 cases have been cured and discharged fromhospital, 83 of which were in Nanjing, 52 in Wuxi, 73 in Xuzhou, 50 inChangzhou, 75 in Suzhou, 40 in Nantong, 42 in Lianyungang, 62 in Huai’an, 27 inYancheng, 23 in Yangzhou, 11 in Zhenjiang, 37 in Taizhou and 13 in Suqian. Allconfirmed cases in Nantong, Yancheng, Yangzhou, Taizhou, and Suqian have beendischarged from hospital.

Of the traced 12,638 close contacts, 45 are stillunder medical quarantine and 12,593 have been released.

Experts note that, all the counties (county-levelcities and districts) of Jiangsu Province have been designated as low-risklocalities. However, self-protection remains indispensable as low risk does notmean no risk. It’s still necessary to maintain a sense of prevention; keep goodhygiene habits including wearing a mask and washing hands frequently; followproper cough etiquette; ventilate and clean homes and offices every day; reducevisits to public places with dense crowds; and keep a certain distance fromcolleagues and stagger the dining time when going back to work and production.By doing so, infection risks will be effectively lowered.

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2020/03/07 11:19
No new confirmed cases reported in Jiangsu. Good news!

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