29 Feb 2020

Between 00:00and 24:00, February 28, no new confirmed case of COVID-19 was reported inJiangsu. 13 more were cured and discharged from hospital.

As of 24:00,February 28, 631 cases have been reported in Jiangsu accumulatively, 93 ofwhich were in Nanjing, 55 in Wuxi, 79 in Xuzhou, 51 in Changzhou, 87 in Suzhou,40 in Nantong, 48 in Lianyungang, 66 in Huai’an, 27 in Yancheng, 23 inYangzhou, 12 in Zhenjiang, 37 in Taizhou, and 13 in Suqian.

112 confirmedcases are still under treatment in hospital, 9 of which are mild cases, 100moderate ones, 1 severe one (in Nanjing), and 2 in critical condition (1 inWuxi, and 1 in Lianyungang).

519 cases havebeen cured and discharged from hospital, 58 of which were in Nanjing, 48 inWuxi, 71 in Xuzhou, 48 in Changzhou, 62 in Suzhou, 37 in Nantong, 35 inLianyungang, 55 in Huai’an, 27 in Yancheng, 19 in Yangzhou, 10 in Zhenjiang, 37in Taizhou and 12 in Suqian.

Of the traced12,633 close contacts, 190 are still under medical quarantine and 12,443 havebeen released.

Experts notethat the situation of epidemic prevention and control is still grave andcomplex. In spite of Jiangsu’s lowering the level of public health emergencyresponse, it is still necessary for the general public to strengthenself-protection as the chance of exposure to infection sources increases withvarious restrictive measures lifted and normal population flow restored. It isessential to keep precautions in place, and reduce social activities andunnecessary crowd gathering; ventilate homes and offices; wear a mask whengoing out, especially to public places with dense crowds; wash handsfrequently; pay attention to food hygiene, and develop a healthy lifestyle.
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