10 Feb 2020


Between 00:00 and 24:00, February 9, 24more cases of Novel Coronavirus Pneumonia (NCP) were confirmed in Jiangsu, 4 ofwhich were mild cases, and 20 moderate cases. 21 more have been cured anddischarged from hospital.

Of the newly confirmed cases, 7 were inNanjing, 3 in Wuxi, 4 in Xuzhou, 2 in Suzhou, 1 in Nantong, 3 in Lianyungang, 2in Huai’an, 1 in Yancheng, and 1 in Taizhou. The oldest patient was 80, and theyoungest, 7. 12 were male and 12, female. All are currently under treatment indesignated hospitals.
As of 24:00, February 9, 492 cases havebeen reported in Jiangsu accumulatively, 27 of which are mild cases, 457moderate cases, 5 severe cases and 3 in critical condition. 72 have been curedand discharged from hospital. Of the confirmed cases, 78 were in Nanjing, 41 inWuxi, 60 in Xuzhou, 31 in Changzhou, 77 in Suzhou, 33 in Nantong, 35 inLianyungang, 46 in Huai’an, 18 in Yancheng, 18 in Yangzhou, 12 in Zhenjiang, 31in Taizhou, and 12 in Suqian. Of the severe cases, 1 was in Nanjing, 1 inXuzhou, 1 in Suzhou, 1 in Nantong and 1 in Yancheng. Of the cases in criticalcondition, 1 was in Xuzhou, 1 in Lianyungang and 1 in Huai’an. Of the casescured and discharged, 22 were in Nanjing, 3 in Wuxi, 8 in Xuzhou, 6 inChangzhou, 11 in Suzhou, 2 in Nantong, 4 in Lianyungang, 5 in Huai’an, 3 inYancheng, 2 in Yangzhou, 1 in Zhenjiang and 5 in Taizhou.
Of the traced 10,296 close contacts, 5,226are still under medical quarantine and 5,070 have been released.
Experts urge the public to reduce outdooractivities, especially crowd gathering. Avoid using public transportation andopen windows for ventilation when driving a private car. Do not go to publicplaces with closed, limited space or poor ventilation, especially mahjongparlors. Avoid touching items in public places. Wear a mask when going out andwash hands first when back home. In case of symptoms like fever or cough, call12320 for advice. Seek treatment when necessary and inform the medical staff ofplaces you have been to in the previous 2 weeks.
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