1 Feb 2020

On January 20, the National Health Commission issued its No. 1 public notice, which included pneumonia caused by the novel coronavirus in the list of category B infectious diseases specified by the Law on the Prevention and Control of Infectious Diseases of the People’s Republic of China and took prevention and control measures for category A infectious diseases against the epidemic. Currently, there are 28 designated hospitals for the treatment of the epidemic and 541 medical institutions with fever clinics in total across Jiangsu. Jiangsu Provincial Health Commission kindly reminds those with fever and respiratory infection symptoms, persistent fever in particular, to seek treatment in the following medical institutions in a timely manner.

Changzhou Third People’s Hospital
Changzhou First People’s Hospital
Medical Institutions with Fever Clinics in Changzhou  
Administrative Region Medical Institution Address
Changzhou Changzhou First People’s Hospital No.185 Juqian Street, Tianning District
Changzhou Second People’s Hospital No.29 Xinglongxiang, Tianning District; No.68 Gehu Middle Road, Wujin District
Changzhou TCM Hospital No.25 Heping North Road, Tianning District
Changzhou Third People’s Hospital No.300 Lanling North Road, Changzhou
Changzhou Tumor Hospital No.68 Honghe Road, Xinbei District
Changzhou Maternal and Child Health Care Hospital No.16 Dingxiang Road, Changzhou
Changzhou Children’s Hospital No.468 Yanling Middle Road, Changzhou
Changzhou Geriatric Hospital No.288 Yanling East Road, Changzhou
Changzhou De’an Hospital No.157 Lihua North Road, Changzhou
No.904 Hospital of the PLA Joint Logistics Support Force, Changzhou Medical Area No.55 Heping North Road, Tianning District
Wujin People’s Hospital No.2 Yongning North Road, Tianning District
Wujin TCM Hospital No.699 Renmin Middle Road, Hutang Town, Wujin District
Wujin Fourth People’s Hospital Taoyuan Road, Huangli Town, Wujin District
Wujin Qianhuang People’s Hospital No.72 Jingde West Road, Wujin District
Wujin Luoyang Town Health Center No.139 Dongdu East Road, Wujin District
Liyang People’s Hospital No.70 Jianshe West Road, Liyang
Liyang TCM Hospital No.121 Xihou Street, Licheng Town, Liyang
Liyang Daibu Town Health Center No.8 Changjiang East Road, Liyang
Liyang Nandu Town Health Center No.60 Jinyuan Street, Nandu Town, Liyang
Jintan People’s Hospital No.16 Nanmen Avenue, Jintan District
Jintan TCM Hospital No.60 Yanhe West Road, Jincheng Town, Jintan District
Tianning District Zhenglu Town Health Center No.87 Changzheng Road, Changzhou
Wujin District Hospital on Integration of Chinese and Western Medicine No.68 Tongshun Road, Henglin Town, Wujin Economic Development Zone
Xinbei District, Changzhou Hengshanqiao Town Health Center of Changzhou Economic Development Zone No.1 Xinglong South Road, Wujin District
Xinbei District Benniu People’s Hospital No.92 Tianxiqiao South Road, Xinbei District
Xinbei District Sanjing People’s Hospital No.1 Taihu Middle Road, Xinbei District
Xinbei District Menghe TCM Hospital No.30 Jinfu Road, Menghe Town, Xinbei District
Xinbei District Chunjiang People’s Hospital Xingmin West Road, Chunjiang Town, Xinbei District
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