31 Jan 2020
Dear Friends,
First of all, I wish you a heartfelt Happy Chinese New Year! 2020 has certainly begun with this nationwide challenge of the coronavirus outbreak.
The pneumonia outbreak was first reported in December in the city of Wuhan of central China's Hubei Province. Experts have attributed the outbreak to a novel coronavirus that has since spread across China and abroad.
As of Jan. 30th, confirmed cases have reached 7,736 in China, at least 75 abroad, and among them 170 dead. Changzhou has also seen 10 confirmed cases - all hospitalized in Changzhou No. 3 People’s Hospital. Luckily all of them are in stable conditions.
Dear friends, although many are outside the country, if you are still in Changzhou or elsewhere in China, please don’t be panic. Stay indoors and wear masks whenever you go out. The virus is transmitted human-to-human! Health experts also say the virus has the potential to mutate. So, I’d like to repeat please stay at home for your safety.
The Chinese government has attached the highest level of importance to the people’s health and safety and has taken very serious measures to contain the novel coronavirus outbreak and prevent exporting cases overseas.
Medical workers from all over China are flocking to Wuhan city to help treat the patients and people all over China are joining hands together to fight against the virus. We fully believe that with the combined efforts if all Chinese people as well as the friends worldwide including you, we can win the battle!
God bless China!
I know you may have many questions about the virus or your life in Changzhou. “What are schools doing to assure containment?” “Has the start of classes been postponed?” “What kind of mask is safest to wear?” “Is it safe to eat in restaurants?” I have heard from many loyal friends from around the world concerned about our safety.  Please leave messages in my blog, I will try my best to answer any and all of your questions!


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2020/01/31 15:51
Thank you Atlanta! Come on China!

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