12 Feb 2019
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For better or worse, China’s Spring Festival period is the largest annual human migration event on the planet. Known as CHUNYUN, it usually starts 15 days ahead of the Chinese New Year and 25 days after, lasting for 40 days. Every plane, train, bus and highways are jammed packed with family members going home. An estimated 73 million flights have been recorded so far.


We are a nation whose strength and backbone originates in love and respect for tradition and family. And twice a year we all honor this distinguishing Chinese trait.
With China’s rapid development, the patterns of traveling home has witnessed great changes. My hometown is in Anhui province, about 460 kilometers from Changzhou city. After graduation, I left Anhui for South China’s Guangdong province. The first Spring Festival in Guangdong, I flew back to Hefei, the capital city of Anhui, then traveled 5 hours by mini-bus to my home. The whole journey was exhausting, let alone traveling by normal green-coat train lasting 36 hours.
An experience etched in my mind forever.
       After transferring to Changzhou, Jiangsu province in 1999, my work place was closer to my hometown, only 1/3 of that from Guangdong. The first Spring Festival I bought the train ticket in advance but failed to get onto the train because the it was stuffed with passengers and could not even open its doors. I had no choice but took a bus to Nanjing, then to Hefei, then to my home spending 24 hours.
Recently, China has seen great changes in transportation system specially the expressway can link Changzhou directly to my hometown. 460 kilometers only takes 5 hours driving without traffic.  But now with so many cars on the road that mode of travel has also become a problem.
The 5 hours drive has increased to 10 or more hours and the whole journey becoming a travel event of suffering during the Spring Festival holiday and other “Golden Week” holiday including National Day Holiday.
Do not misunderstand, I love listening to my own music and being in my own space – all in the name of convenience. And it would seem that “convenience” is affecting other aspects of life these days. Families eat OUT rather than staying at home. We have things delivered instead of preparing them ourselves.
More and more cities begin to forbid fireworks during this period and it seemed the festive atmosphere lessened, (Changzhou city issued the fireworks ban this year and the citizens spent a festival in silence for the first time).
We totally support the ban due to air quality protection and safety. Another interesting trend is that more Chinese people chose to travel around China and even outbound for their holiday. This is a reflection of a growing middle class who can afford such travel.
Well, the essence of China’s New Year holiday is still happiness and family reunion. Regardless of the changing patterns, I hope everyone enjoys and cherishes their family members! Happy Chinese New Year.
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2019/04/19 20:08
I think  the judges , the  teachers ,the governments, and the commissions are all regard the concept of "Fairness" . Because   all the superiors must be concerned with the fairness  due to their duties. Only  conscious about the fair  that they can  keeping  work on and  convincing the inferior even the whole society .
2019/04/07 19:51
How can we live in  the world without honesty ?In such a world  everybody lies all the time,no trust,no honor,everything are fake .We don't know who we can trust,we confused,even lost brief,then we faded. That's tenable why we  need honesty, we need to trust  each other,while things going systematically,therefor , we  all can  make our life and the world more beautiful, and we can feel the warmth of the world.
2019/02/12 20:31
The relevant reports had been published in China Daily earlier.As one of legal holidays in China,many people choose to go traveling outside during golden week,with the way are varied.But as we may see,all of scenic spots were covered with the tourists.

2019/02/12 11:03
Exactly! I and my family traveled to LuAn city of Anhui province this holiday. Normally it needs 4.5 hours drive. I spent 12 hours driving home due to the heavy snow. Crazy!

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