21 Jan 2019

Dear Netizen Family,


In this season when we celebrate gratitude with our families, I’d like to introduce an organization considered a member of Changzhou’s finest. Hands Around the World (HAW) was founded by an American Professor who first came to work and study here close to 2 decades ago. We have happily witnessed her consistent love and high-energy devotion for the city of Changzhou and throughout the Jiangsu province.





It has been my great privilege to have participated in several charity events throughout the years organized by HAW which have helped support our cities nationally recognized Tian Ai Rehabilitation School for Autistic and Disabled Children.


Referred to by those who know her as Professor or Mama Linda,  she regularly reaches out to others to enjoy the experience of volunteering, so I am encouraging you to join her. Let’s work together to make our city a better place for all!





HANDS AROUND THE WORLD (HAW) is a Community Service organization created by Scholar, Educational Curriculum Consultant and Family Education Activist, Linda Williams - Honorary Citizen of Changzhou.

Professor Williams founded this organization dedicated to teaching a more profound curriculum which includes Leadership skills, Cultural Tolerance and Kindness. It’s an advanced version of the fundamental values and virtues that enhances what most of our parents taught us while we were growing up.



This seasoned professional has extensive International Travel and Business experience and a Masters Degree in International Trade and Economics. This has helped in the design of this program which teaches HAW members how to become Good Global Citizens.



Responding to China’s Silk and Belt Road Initiative which focuses on opening up to new cultures, she believes that working, learning and volunteering within the program provides vital life skills toward a more harmonious future with China’s growth in other countries.




The mission of this group is simple and clear cut. HAW builds Leadership skills, as it strives to foster respect and compassion for ALL living things. It seeks to promote understanding of ALL cultures and beliefs. And it inspires each individual to take action to make the world a better place for people, animals and the environment.



The philosophy that drives this group is based on the belief that EVERY individual matters, EVERY individual has a role to play in the world, and EVERY individual can make a difference.

Members are inspired to live their life with PURPOSE! And they are provided shared goals that are intended to be global in nature.



HAW strives….

* To implement positive change through active learning about, caring and interacting with society and the environment
* To demonstrate care and concern for ALL people and animals.

* To help young people develop self-respect, responsibility, perseverance, compassion, self-discipline, honesty, courage, integrity, fairness, citizenship and confidence in themselves, and hope for the future.

* To establish a non-judgmental perspective when viewing other cultures – NOT BAD, NOT GOOD, JUST DIFFERENT is our motto.

Activities include:

* Monthly membership and leadership training meetings

* Volunteering at Tian Ai School for Disabled Children for the purpose of learning to accept others who are different in society and strengthening one’s self-confidence

* Travelogue presentations of Cultures Around the World

* Big Brother / Big Sister Mentorship with past HAW leaders and intl. business executives.

* Experiencing foreign food, dance, music, spices, daily life and clothing.

* Visiting local hospitals bringing cheer and goodwill.



Its first mission in 2007 was to bring English to rural schools and to those in Changzhou who serviced a majority of migrant children. Included in that endeavor was building a library with sponsoring book stores in assistance.

Professor Williams has brought the HAW community service model to other major cities in Jiangsu, Great Britain and the US. She hopes to take this unique curriculum of learning to schools at all academic levels. This is a true example
of a group trying to actively make the world a better place. And we look forward to their progress.



Kindness in words creates confidence. Kindness in thinking creates profoundness. Kindness in giving creates love. Lao Tzu


The giving of love is an education in itself.

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2019/05/28 19:14
What can happen in life if you are not proactive in your choices?If I'm not proactive in my life,many friends of me will not get acquaintance to me and my friend circle can be really small.  I can't see my disadvantages over others and  even improve myself.
2019/05/22 11:59
Accountability means you must take responsibility to what you do and what you said.With accountability,everyone can do what they should do.By this way,our society can be better.
2019/05/20 14:42
Why is accountable vital in any society?One who is not accountable for his life or others' lives is horrible. He can neither win the respect from others nor acceptance from society. It is vital because it makes us stand on the ground which includes others' feelings,not as an independent one with nothing to care about.
2019/05/20 14:38
How does patriotism strengthen society?With patriotism,everyone in our society take the responsibility on their shoulder,bringing fresh air to this civilized world. Moreover,it can enhance national self-confidence and thus strengthening our social ties.
2019/05/05 19:25
What are the most important situations to show respect?  When I think of the  respect, I view it as important as life. It doesn’t mean that only in specific situation it exists. Instead, it should be given in any situation. Especially when  firefighters  putting out fires for our safety. It is their duty, however, it is also their responsibility. We own our greatest respect to them in such situations.
2019/03/14 15:36
It was happened   in this term ,one day , I  had have an exam, while I arrived  at classroom  without  the student card which is  necessary .   The bell was  going to ring,so I must running  back to the dormitory  that attend  exam in time .  When entered the hall ,I saw a girl was taken  her baggage  toughly , hesitated   a second then took the trunk  her side.I just helped her  took the baggage to the second floor then rushed to my room ,through it seems like that she was in the upstairs .

2019/01/23 12:46
The Professor introduced HAW to our organization at USC several years ago and we've created a Mentorship bridge between us, in order to advise students who are considering study abroad. It's important to understand the character traits required to master successful study in another culture. She is an icon of scholastic excellence and kindness here! But she is surprisingly shy and we are glad that you value her efforts.

2019/01/22 15:56
This is an outstanding story. I would cherish a chance to volunteer with her HAW group. Clearly she is dedicated to the community.

2019/01/22 15:34
Kudos to Professor Williams! Her son is also a shining star who is striving to improve our healthcare community. You are very lucky to have her. Must be in the genes!

2019/01/22 15:20
This is an amazing endeavor! Please post how I might join the Professor in her activities.

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