29 Dec 2018


In every culture there is usually a saying that talks about every coin having 2 sides referring to the good and bad challenges in life.

OK, most of us are reflecting about how well or how awful we were about keeping “last” years resolutions – and I’m no exception.



So, at this stage in my life I can state without question how important it is to live in a state of “peace.” Because living a stressful life is bad for your physical and mental health.

While having lunch with a wonderful foreign friend after I asked how he was doing, his response was brilliant, “I’m embracing every challenge with gratitude, because each one has a lesson.” He’s been having a tough time but the way he’s facing it – I found inspiring!

Change is absolutely inevitable and being afraid of it is a worthless endeavor.


But one thing I am grateful to say is that I’m lucky enough to have loyal friends, dedicated netizens who follow me online and a chosen circle of people who support me through every aspect of my life.

I’ve learned that every person, even those who are critical and unkind have something to add to your life – and for that I say THANK YOU!

As long as you remain optimistically proactive in your approach to life you never need to be a victim. So bring it on 2019!

To all of you in that state of personal reflection know this – you have a friend in me and I will always strive to making your life easier here. I will continue to make myself readily available to you and stand with you in any challenge.

I believe to my core that “everything happens for a reason” and sometimes it takes time to realize it, but breath into whatever comes your way.

I wish everyone good health, peace of mind and prosperity! And on a very personal note – to my beloved son Henry – I hope with all my heart you are successful in the importent exam! I believe in you and know the best is yet to come!HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL!

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2019/04/24 08:37
How do you regard the concept of fairness in today's society?From my perspective,fairness is one important factor in our daily lives. Whether in young man and the elderly's heart,there is a concious of being treated fairly. Without fair,our tests would become meaningless,our society would become a place full of complain.
2019/04/17 10:14
Courage is the most important character trait because it counts in everywhere.In class,the teacher asks a question,if you have sone ideas but you are a man without courage,your will lose the chance to illustrate your idea.When you are trying a new thing,if you have no courage,you dare not to try it
2019/04/17 09:12
Courage is the most important character in our life.For example,when we are asked of a question in class,we are motivated to think of it carefully. However , without courage ,we would not o stand up and answer it with confidence. It is the same with the office worker. They may be supposed to come up with new ideas about their products. But without courage,they can't express themselves clearly.
2019/04/11 07:21
Is there ever a time to be dishonestI speak, if course,yes.Once I lost one of the necklace mom gave me and felt scared. When she asked me about it,I always said I kept it well. However when she finally asked me to show it to her,O can't take it cause it didn't exist atall
2019/04/10 20:56
Is there ever a time to be dishonest?I say,of course,yes. Once I was arguing with my mother and felt aggrieved. So I came up with an idea. I pretend to be ill to transfer the topic. It is a true
2019/01/04 00:04
Happy New Year Buddy! Sending best wishes to all our friends in Changzhou.

2019/01/02 10:10
Happy New Year Carmelita. Thanks for your long-term support!

2019/01/02 10:07
Happy New Year handsone! Thanks for your consistency and good luck in 2019!

2019/01/02 09:08
@Villalba,E Happy New Year and wish you a happy life in our Dragon City!

2019/01/02 09:07
@TannHarvardLaw and C_JohnsHopkins  Happy New Year my friends and great business in China!

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