7 Dec 2018

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2018/12/11 18:34
She is truly multi-cultural - she speaks with an American accent. So nice to see her talents.

2018/12/11 18:12
To see someone so young and using their talents - there is no doubt she'll move far in this world! Good on you Asia!

2018/12/11 18:10
This little one deserves the best - she is obviously not got her head down into a phone or computer games! Keep reaching Asia!

2018/12/11 18:07
OMG! Atlanta - YOU'RE BACK! Man, we didn't know what to think. Our friend let us know that you were back in the Studio again! Really happy to see you again.  Will spread the word!

2018/12/11 18:03
I hope you reach your dreams Asia because you are certainly unique! I'm cheering for you.

2018/12/11 18:02
You are really special Asia! Keep reaching for the stars!

2018/12/11 17:59
Asia you are outstanding! Thank you for sharing your talents and life with us!

2018/12/11 17:56
She is a great reflection on her parents - confident, ambitious and obviously determined to achieve! Cheering for her future!

2018/12/11 17:54
WOW! Now she is definitely one to watch with a bright future!

2018/12/11 17:50
She is one BOLD little cookie! Expecting greatness from her!

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