21 Nov 2018

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2018/12/08 10:14
Welcome to our community BBlackstone!

2018/11/28 06:55
Well this was a nice find! Glad to see that foreigners really do matter in Changzhou. Fairly new here and its been hard to meet others. Not a big bar person, but will be trying this place for sure. Nice to have this kind of interaction for us here.

2018/11/28 06:47
Kudos Atlanta - you do interviews best! Was thinking we lost you . Welcome Dirk will have to stop by for a few pints.

2018/11/28 06:43
Atlanta - YOU'RE BACK! We thought your site got taken down. Glad to see you again and delivering your usual great interviews.

2018/11/28 06:39
Hey Dirk we know each other Man! This was a great interview and I am really liking this site Atlanta.

2018/11/28 06:37
I love this guys place. Best beer in the city.

2018/11/24 22:39
Nice to meet you and welcome to Changzhou,Dirk.As one of the natives,i have been gradually fascinated by getting some drinks at bar in recent years.I can not only have a good break,but also make new friends at the same time.I will certainly go to taste German beer next time.

2018/11/23 11:59
Hey Dirk - see ya tonight! Am gonna hit the Black Forest beer bash on this Black Friday HARD! Great interview Man! Thanks Atlanta!

2018/11/23 11:40
Atlanta where have you been? We thought you took your interview blog down completely. Couldn't connect until our mutual friend told us to give it another try.

2018/11/23 11:37
I had a great experience at Dirks place and would recommend it highly. Here its really important to have a "word of mouth" connection. Good for you Atlanta!

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