12 Nov 2018


“Memory of the Dragon City” A tour of Intangible Cultural Heritage and World Heritage Site, the second session of the series salon for Changzhou expats was held at Xingliang Comb Co. Ltd. And Canal 5 on the afternoon of Nov. 10th.



Some 40 foreign friends from all walks of life including students from Changzhou University, some middle schools and foreign companies attended the event. It was sponsored by the Publicity Dept. of Changzhou Municipal Party Committee and Changzhou Bureau of Commerce.


Comb master Xingliang displayed and explained how to make a comb. The participants can simply observe the production process or they can learn how to make it from the artists there.



They all had a great time there.



After supper, all participants appreciated  the beautiful nightview of the whole city along the Canal by taking a boat. They were all impressed by the beauty of the Dragon City and expressed that they were very proud of living here.

We will have one more of these kind of salons at the end of next month, and I hope you will join them.

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2018/11/18 18:30
Hey Atlanta we all have been thinking you've dropped off the planet.  Happy to see you still have your eyes out for us. How do we find out about these salons?

2018/11/15 19:52
I enjoyed this much, can i bring a friend next time?

2018/11/15 19:49
How can we be alerted about these events please?

2018/11/15 19:45
An outstanding event and hope we can invite more friends next time.

2018/11/15 19:41
How do i get on this list for events Atlanta?

2018/11/15 19:37
Thank you Changzhou for an excellent activity. I would like to attend more in the future.

2018/11/15 19:33
This was a really cool event. I liked the boat trip most.  Thank you for inviting me.

2018/11/15 19:30
We were shown genuine kindness at this planned event for foreigners. Thank you and I hope you invite us again.

2018/11/15 19:27
Excellent event from a city that values its foreign citizens.

2018/11/15 19:25
I truly do love Changzhou! You treat people with such caring. Thank you.

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