15 Oct 2018

China State Council released 2019 official public holidays.

What are you waiting for?

Time to plan the holiday and fun time :)

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2018/11/05 18:25
NIce to meet everyone.  @ Villa the calendar is for next year.

2018/11/05 18:21
Maybe time for a new calendar. Nice to meet everyone.

2018/11/05 18:18
Hi Everyone - been hearing about this place and thought I'd check it out. Thanks for the calendar! And the Events Calendar is nice to have too.

2018/11/05 18:13
I really like the Events Bulletin Board. Easy access.

2018/11/05 18:11
HI Atlanta glad to have found this blog. Looks like you're the most popular in town - your visit number is spectacular. Obviously you have a good formula for bringing people together.

2018/10/31 20:43
Hi Atlanta,thanks for sharing useful information with us!We are delighted to see that the number of netizens has risen from 2008 to 2018,which proves that Changzhou is going global.

2018/10/29 09:28
Dear new friends, Warmly welcome to my blog community and sorry for the late response. My very unique blog was set up in 2008 and has been visited to date, by more than 12 million visitors. It was designed to create an online family environment that allows users to talk openly about issues concerning their lives in the Dragon City (nickname of Changzhou). Our interviews and stories are about them personally their professions. They discuss problems, and often have open-discussions about real issues facing the Expat community. Also they use it to encourage and inform others seeking information about Changzhou. Recently young global business entrepreneurs have found us and interacted. Even when they return to their own countries, our netizens will continue to leave messages expressing their true feelings of love for our city. Well, welcome again and feel free to talk here. Have a great time in Changzhou! BTW, for more coming events in CZ, please refer to the "EVENTS BULLETIN BOARD" on the right side of my blog. Thank you!

2018/10/28 22:48
This is the only and the biggest expat exchange community in Changzhou. Welcome ALL!

2018/10/28 22:28
Dear friends, you found the RIGHT place for free talk and a platform knowing more info about Changzhou! Atlanta is a great guy.

2018/10/26 10:25
Hello Atlanta have I reached the right place to talk about life with other foreigners in Changzhou?

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