6 Sep 2018

Recently the Changzhou government officially announced the “Top 10 Changzhou Delicacies”. Let’s take a look at the most noteworthy local dishes.

1. Tianmu Lake Fish Head Soup
Recommend ingredients: Tianmu Lake chub head


2. Pickled Radish & Pickled Radish Fried Rice
Recommend ingredients: Changzhou Dried turnip, local rice and local soy sauce



3. Vinasse Braised Pork



4. Yinsi Noodle



5. Lard Oil fried Flour Ball
Recommend ingredients: Lard oil, Red bean paste



6. Bean Curd Soup & sesame cake



7. Fried White Celery
Recommend ingredients: Liyang white celery



8. Crystal Shrimp
Recommend ingredients: Changdang Lake Shrimp



9. Osmanthus Sugar Taro



10. Soy Sauce Bean Curd Sheets

Recommend ingredients: Hengshanqiao Bean Curd Sheets


Dear friends, food is the fiber that runs among all cultures, and for those who have have stayed in Changzhou for a long or short while, you must have been attracted to some of Changzhou’s delicious food. Are you familiar with the dishes listed above? Have you ever given them a try? And what’s your honest opinion about some of these dishes? By the way, which is your favorite and any other food you like that is not listed here? Thank you for your participation!  
Atlanta (Wang Jian)

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2018/09/20 00:39
These foods look so delicious,I will eat them all~~~

2018/09/19 17:43
I'm not familiar with the dishes listed above,but they look delicious!
2018/09/18 22:40
Welcome back Atlanta!

2018/09/18 21:50
They look so delicious!
2018/09/18 11:17
Oh Carmelita I am so glad to hear to see you! I will always be here for my netizen family.To EVERYONE, please accept my apologies for the recent website technical problems we've been having, it has really been an inconvenience. But it appears to be working again to certain extent. I realize many in the US and UK and other European countries couldn't log in for awhile. I've started a round robin message to friends that have been part of our family for a long time, so I hope it reaches all of you. Our bridge among many nations is an important example of how many cultures can interact peacefully and without self-serving intent. We only want to be friends!I look forward to our lively conversations and entertaining dialogues.Thank you Carmelita for helping to start carrying the message.See you all soon,Atlanta

2018/09/17 23:11
Looks delicious :DGreetings from UK

2018/09/16 17:05
Atlanta my friend YOU ARE BACK!

2018/09/15 09:17
WOW! I'm so glad you seem to have resolved your blog site issues Atlanta!  And needless to say FOOD has a special place in everyone's heart! Me included! Love Professor Linda...xoxoxo

2018/09/10 08:34
Happy Teachers’ Day!

2018/09/06 22:41
Congratulations!I love native cuisine very much.Some of dishes can be ordered at some restaurants.

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