8 Apr 2018


A huge CONGRATULATIONS goes out to Changzhou’s own PROFESSOR LINDA WILLIAMS.  In a recent major provincial competition for foreigners in Jiangsu, which now exceeds 100,000 – 16 year resident, Tsinghua University Press published author, Honorary Citizen, Top 10 Volunteer program (Hands Around the World), Best Teacher winner and Founder/President of Mother2Mother, a Women and Family Education company, brought back to the Dragon City a FIRST PRIZE award.

Professor Linda is invited to lecture at some of the finest universities in America and has inspired business entrepreneurs to invest in the Jiangsu province. But her winning story, “A Love Letter to the Dragon City” which she entered in answer to the question – “Portraying Jiangsu from a different angle” was the moving events of her life in Changzhou and how she has reacted to its changes. “It was inspiring and truly written with a loving heart,” said the President of the Jiangsu International Friendship society.

I have the honor of knowing Professor Linda who is an avid follower to my blog. I know she has encouraged many friends from around the world to get to know Changzhou in an up close and personal way through our own Netizen family. And I’d like to thank your for her support!

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2018/04/18 03:29
may we know "Professor" in which field
2018/04/13 11:36
Professor Williams has spoken with us several times and I can see why she would win this prize. She has an unusual kinship with Changzhou and is very persuasive in her ideas of creating an open channel between our nations. Kudos to you Professor!

2018/04/11 20:02
Sending best wishes to Professor Linda. It's been awhile, but I would love to participate in your HAW events again. Please let us know.

2018/04/11 09:13
Congratulations Professor Linda!I was a journalist back in Germany and everyone professional KNOWS YOU NEVER MAKE YOURSELF THE STORY!  @ BikiniBabe - I know just who you're talking about.

2018/04/11 09:09
I've seen first hand some of the work Professor Linda does - and its amazing! Congratulations to her! She is humble, consistent and tireless in her efforts.Has anyone else caught the woman who sees herself so important that she interviews HERSELF!  Oh man, seems really needy to me. But gives us all a good laugh!

2018/04/11 09:00
Professor Linda is NOT the usual "flash in the pan" foreigner who is here because of a spouse's work, or who is seeking another location in the east so they can travel - she has made Changzhou her permanent home. Kudos to her and all the work she does without needing all the "LOOK AT ME" attitude like others here.

2018/04/10 17:14
I love the Professor's story! She pioneered life in Changzhou on her own - and the challenges she's faced have been an incredible example for anyone wanting to design a life in a foreign land. Congratulations dear Professor - you are truly unique. And not seeking anything but to serve quietly in this beautiful city. Thank you Atlanta!

2018/04/10 17:05
CONGRATULATIONS PROFESSOR! Please invite me next trip to see the kids.The "self-promoters" in the foreign community make me gag!

2018/04/10 17:02
Shiny new foreigners come and go all the time here! Professor Linda has made Changzhou her home and we "long-termers" all admire her incredible contributions to the city. And mostly we love how humble she is. BRAVO! And Atlanta will always be consistently FOR THE PEOPLE! The shiny new pennies are out for what they can get for themselves.

2018/04/10 12:44
Hey Buddy this is GREAT news! Tann gave me a call last night and told me. I just came back from visiting our factory last month sorry i didn't have time to stop by. Please tell Linda how proud we are of her - she never short on energy, is she? Please give her my best. And pass along my greetings to Mr. Shen. I remember how very kind you all were to us. Happy to see your blog going strong!

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