15 Mar 2018

The People's Republic of China and the United Mexican States have always maintained friendly diplomatic relations. In June 2013, during President Xi Jinping's visit to Mexico, the two heads of state announced the rise of the Sino-Mexican relationship to the level of comprehensive strategic partnership. 2018 marks the 46th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and Mexico. In celebration of mutual trust and friendship between our two countries, the Magic Mexico exhibition is presented, with the hope that the friendship between China and Mexico will last forever.


The objective of this photographic exhibition is to open the door of Mexico to the public of Changzhou. Through these photos, which show the mysterious Mayan cultural sites, the charming landscape of Cancun, the diversity of the countryside, mellow tequila, and rich Mexican gastronomy, we hope to strengthen the ties of our friendship and encourage contact between the people of China and Mexico.
In recent years, Changzhou and Mexico have developed good relations of cooperation and have been strengthening friendly exchanges. In 2013, Changzhou and Tapachula (Chiapas, Mexico) signed the Tapachula-Changzhou Twinning Agreement, an event that was marked with the unveiling of the fraternity monument between the two cities, located in the international forest of Hong Mei Park, which opened a new chapter in relations between China and Mexico, Changzhou and Tapachula.
With this new initiative, we continue to pave the way for greater bilateral cooperation and the active promotion of contact between our citizens. Our common commitment is mutual understanding and greater cultural interaction.





Struggle and Thought – An Exhibition by Two Mexican Artists


Mexico, a country full of the aroma and strong taste of tequila. It's art is like tequila; it ardently attracts the attention of people. This exhibition shows works by two Mexican artists, Although both belong to different times and their forms of expression and artistic aspirations are totally different, the works of both artists convey the great vitality and emotion of the Mexican people.
As one of the ancient Indian cultural centers, Mexico is the cradle of the splendid Mayan and Aztec civilizations. In 1519, the Spanish invaded Mexico and ever since then, colonization and independence, dictatorship and democracy, oppression and resistance have became the main rhythm of its modern history. Mexican art is inseparable from the environment in which it grows and develops, so struggle became the key word of modern Mexican art. José Guadalupe Posada, a pioneer of the Mexican nationalist art movement, shows in his engravings an integral and profound observation of Mexican society during the revolution. Containing broad themes and an ironic and exaggerated manner, they reflect the turbulent history of Mexico at that time and the optimism and joy of the Mexicans.


With the passage of time, Mexican artists, although working so close to the United States and in one of the countries that was colonized the longest, have allowed themselves to be influenced by it in terms of style and form, but have not stopped thinking about themselves. In ancient myths and legends, historical memories and the real life thinking of Mexico, they express their own demands freely, forming a landscape of rich and informative art. Among them, Daniel Nierman, a well-known Mexican contemporary artist, has created a series of art posters and adverts that reflect the evolution of graphic design before the advent of digital media, with the aim of inviting people from the real world into the imaginative and idealistic one he has established.

This exhibition is divided into two parts: Death Has Permission by José Guadalupe Posada and Memories by Daniel Nierman. We hope that through the works of the two artists, the public can feel the struggle of the 1910 Mexican Revolution and the thoughts of a contemporary Mexican artist, listening to the artistic wind of Latin America.

Time: March 15th to April 7th

Address: 1st floor Changzhou Museum. No. 1288, Longcheng Avenue, Xinbei District,CZ

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2018/03/24 03:52
....kid"S"...uhhh?  HongBao?  gigglegiggle
2018/03/23 09:30
Thanks Atlanta - taking my kids this weekend!

2018/03/21 10:07
Very good relationship building.

2018/03/20 11:24
Bravo bravo bravo to our Dragon City!

2018/03/20 09:39
China is becoming a beacon of hope in an otherwise confusing state of the world. Atlanta thank you for providing a place where were can talk openly about our observations.

2018/03/20 09:34
Changzhou you have NO IDEA how impactful news of this alliance with Mexico is to the rest of the world. For those of us watching and troubled by our nations chaotic state - you are making some inspired choices. Professor L we look forward to the rest of your series - thank you for your wonderful heart-felt point of view! It's not hard to understand why you have such loyalty to this city. You are showing us the prospect of peace from an unexpected source. When will you come and speak again?

2018/03/20 09:09
This alliance makes me really happy to be part of the foreign community here. Thanks Atlanta! I wouldn't have known about it.

2018/03/20 09:05
Dear Changzhou - Our group at Stanford sends our admiration and support for continuing this effort toward harmonious relations among nations - especially in academics.  Professor Linda sent us your beginning series of research into bringing students from other countries into your educational system. We believe in this endeavor for "making a better world" (Professor Linda's words) and we look forward to seeing more. You are becoming a model for us these days. Clapping loudly for you!

2018/03/20 08:50
I am so proud to be able to connect with citizens of your city personally. It is an inspired way to spread harmony among countries. Professor Linda Williams just sent us an incredible paper on your endeavor of welcoming "foreign students" into your community from around the world. This is a benchmark for those of us looking on at your society - we are looking forward to seeing more about your OPEN DOOR efforts. Congratulations on your connection with Mexico!

2018/03/20 08:43
BRAVO CHANGZHOU! I admire that China is truly embracing the concept of "globalization" - this is the only way toward world peace.

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