2 Jan 2018
10 Million!
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Dear Netizens,

My son Henry yelled to me to come look at the computer – my blog site! On this auspicious start of the New Year we have had more than 10 MILLION visitors worldwide.

I am so honored and grateful to have the respect and loyalty of this incredible online family. You have my continued commitment in the years to come. And I want you to feel like there will always be someone here to answer questions or to simply make life a little easier by having friends you can turn to without reservation.


Always here for you,



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2018/01/06 10:37
You have amazing resilience Atlanta! Applauding for you and hope you continue to give an example of transparency to the world. It's about people talking to one another and getting to know each other. You're helping build peace and harmony between nations. BRAVO!

2018/01/06 10:29
Best wishes to your continued success in this platform you have created for us!

2018/01/06 10:24
You are a true friend to foreigners! Hope you have a great New Year!

2018/01/05 10:53
Keep up this great work! Congratulations!

2018/01/05 10:50
Amazing accomplishment! I really enjoy tuning in here. Wishing you continued success.

2018/01/05 10:44
Happy New Year and Kudos on this wonderful achievement in global communication. I can tell you that several from our staff log in regularly. We are working on an exchange program between hospitals with your city and hope to realize it in the near future. Perhaps we can meet soon. Professor Williams introduced us to your site and the rest is history. We appreciate your innovative approach in opening your city to the world.

2018/01/05 10:34
Happy New Year My Friend! Your transparency and willingness to openly help the foreign community remains consistent and genuine. We never see ad's or other self-serving devices in your blog. I am really about your newest numbers!

2018/01/04 12:14
Congratulations! Other cities in China could benefit also from a site like yours - its so important to connect in order to truly understand other cultures. Keep up the good work.HAPPY NEW YEAR.

2018/01/04 12:07
OUTSTANDING!There are so many students in America that tune into your blog - this number doesn't really surprise me. A Professor Linda came several times to speak about business opportunities in your city. She described Changzhou as an amazing place to live and to invest in the future for young business entrepreneurs. I can tell you for sure that several groups have come there based on her description and after watching this blog. You are a real service to the city. Wishing you happy new year and prosperity.

2018/01/04 12:00
Wishing you continued success Atlanta! Our daughter studying business at Stanford turned us on to your blog. It's always enriching and so very open by your participants. Such a wonderful way to learn about Changzhou.

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