30 Dec 2017

It seems like there are always opposing forces at work within us – one pushing upward to excel, as the other pulls us back into the safety of our daily habits.

We’ve been led to believe that working hard, earning more, making sure our children get better education than we did will ultimately lead to a better life, not only for us for every member of our family.


However, life’s unexpected obstacles can throw you curves that challenge even the strongest of us. Something is always beyond our control making life a little bit harder than you expected. You’ve spent a lot on the private school that turns out not as wonderful as you were led to believe. You spend all your savings on the highest ranked community only to find the air quality sucks.  You relish in the passion for public work but can’t seem to affect the sharp decline of new media is bringing to traditional media. You’ve treated your friends with respect and graciousness, only to be met by indifference for your efforts. Do I sound pessimistic – perhaps a little but this is life!


My life these past 40 years have been without many insurmountable bumps in the road.  I cherish my career and public figure standing giving thanks often for the long-term support of my blog netizens. I also feel that I must continue to repay my fans and this city I struggled in when I first arrived. I remember what it was like trying to get a foothold and empathize so much with foreigners who come wanting the same feeling of belonging.


Lately I’ve been feeling the residue of age and trying to stay energetic enough to overcome all those inevitable “life-obstacles” – but self-pity doesn’t do much good in the moving forward process, right? And while I stand in the “when it rains it pours” stage of life-events I hold close to my heart the feeling of gratitude for the wonderful netizens who have ushered me through so much here.  We have walked together a long way and together we will remain, loving this city we call HOME.


I am glad to let 2017 go and welcome 2018. Learning to let go is a practice that comes less easy in middle age I think, but I’m still working on it. Thank you for your kindness, loyalty and friendship and let’s raise our glass together for this New Year.


Atlanta (Wang Jian) late night on 29th, 2017

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2018/01/02 14:37
Happy New Year Wang Jian - we've come a LONG WAY! Looking forward to continuing with you at this helm! Love the Dragon City!

2018/01/02 10:42
Thank you ALL my friends! Wish you a healthy, happy and prosperous new year!

2017/12/31 15:47
Sending best wishes to you Atlanta and the people of Changzhou! Our business group has learned a lot from your blog and we appreciate your transparency.

2017/12/31 15:45
Felice Anno Nuovo!

2017/12/31 13:33
Atlanta just let it go - whatever's raining on your head these days! Change is inevitable, so stay present and be happy at what you've created like on a global level! Happy New Year!

2017/12/31 13:28
Hey Handsome you're lookin damn good for a middle aged guy! Bring in the new year with a smile - you still got it!

2017/12/31 13:25
Happy New Year Buddy!

2017/12/31 13:24
Φίλο ευτυχισμένο το νέο έτος! Happy New Year Friend!My daughters leave there but I still watch this place online. Best wish to you.

2017/12/30 15:48
Sending you seasons greetings Atlanta! Hold your head high friend - rain comes and then it goes!

2017/12/30 15:45
Happy New Year Atlanta!

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