31 Aug 2017
Welcome Back!
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Dear Netizens,
As I begin to see many of you returning to the Dragon City from your summer holidays – let me say WELCOME BACK!
It is a trend that June through August means travel time for most foreign citizens, so I’m happy to hear from those coming to resume their lives in Changzhou. And may I extend a warm welcome to those new faces coming to the city.
We have lots to talk about as you see the city is undergoing continual changes. So I look forward to seeing your dialogues about whatever you wish – your travels, your family, your concerns and the changes you see in the city.
Come share with us – we are family and I’m excited to see you again.
  Atlanta (Wang Jian)


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2017/09/05 19:21
UGH! Came back to discover my favorite pizza parlor has been closed. 001 Pizza close to University Town. Does anyone know if they closed or just moved?

2017/09/05 19:10
Glad to see that you held down the fort while we traveled. Thanks Atlanta!

2017/09/05 15:39
Hi everyone - glad to see to be back in our ole dragon city.

2017/09/05 15:31
LOL! You girls are naughty, although who can miss the recurrence on that site. Kinda like "acid reflux" - my guess is money or barter involved. Thanks for keepin' it pure Atlanta!

2017/09/05 15:27
@Windy - love your reference! And agree that at least here we can see its not about advertising or face time. Had to laugh at the use of title - I have watched that TV series and its pretty good - now in season 3. Well, room enough here for everyone!

2017/09/05 15:23
Hey CZ family - so happy to back and seriously glad that our blog includes everybody - what's up with that wechat site that pushes pennydreadful on us. She must be paying the administrator for her constant ads.

2017/09/05 14:23
Thanks Atlanta - it's good to be back albeit a bit muggy here these days.

2017/09/05 14:19
Hello My Changzhou Friends I am always glad to check in here and see what is going on in your city! I wish a happy fall season of love and prosperity.

2017/09/05 11:47
Hi Everybody - I love that there's a local blog that includes local citizens too. I hear Atlanta is a celebrity here because he helps address anything that might be a problem for someone living here.

2017/09/05 11:42
Hi Aster glad you found your way here! It was great seeing old friends and new last evening.

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