13 Jul 2017


Recently revealed was the interior and exterior design of the Changzhou Metro Line 1.  It's final design choice was decided from 4 different options by a public vote.


Anyone who's been in Changzhou knows that construction of Metro line 1 began changing the face of the city in October 2014.  We all are counting down the deadline for completion and opening in the later half of 2019.

The total distance covered by Metro Line 1 is 34.3 kilometers and has 29 stations, including 27 underground and 2 elevated which connects the north and south of the city. The appropriated highest speed it will travel is 80 kilometers per hour.

Construction on the first phase of Metro Line 2 began on February of 2017. The total distance  is 19.7 kilometers connecting Qingfeng Park station with Wuyi Road Station.

Go Changzhou Go! Really proud of our city advancement!


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2017/08/08 21:04
It haven't not rained for a month until today.The temperature is lower than a couple of weeks ago.Did someone feel cooler we expected earlier?

2017/07/14 10:33
Hi dude. What's happening!Been a long time since I checked in here! My company transferred me to Dubai. Talk about your different cultures man! I totally miss Changzhou.

2017/07/14 09:30
Lovely city of Changzhou.

2017/07/14 09:21
Proud of Dragon City! Summer holiday is coming, many expats friends are out of town, right? Happy Summer Holiday!

2017/07/14 09:20
Amazing Changzhou!

2017/07/14 03:03
GOOD CZ, that "train" contains a lot German-Tech, giggle....
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