29 Jan 2012
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Although it’s been almost 20 years since I moved from my hometown in the Anhui province – “home is where my heart is” and I enjoy every holiday when I get to return and visit my parents. This holiday was no exception.

Family reunions, fireworks and delicious food are the usual common activities when celebrating Spring Festival. However, in most big cities fireworks have been banned to safeguard against possible fire accidents. In my birthplace from 5pm on New Years Eve till the following morning fireworks filled the air.

It is customary to visit family elders after the New Years Eve dinner, and in my house, the rooms were filled with past students of my parents, who were both teachers before retirement. It was very joyful for them to welcome students from all over the country including those who had moved to America and Europe. This kind of visiting celebration will last until the Lantern Festival which is February 6th.

Our family was joined by a dear friend of mine from Shanghai. Together we hiked TianZhuMountain which has recently been designated a “WorldGeologicalPark” by UNESCO.

Thank heavens my brother-in-law who happens to be a Party Secretary helped in the arrangements during this busy time. I would encourage everyone to make this visit – the mountain ranges, forest and lakes are simply breath-taking in their beauty.

One change I did note during this visit to my usually quiet hometown was the presence of so many cars. Luxury cars jammed to roadways and created lots of traffic. I suppose it is a sign of development and people appreciating the natural landscape and scenery of the area.

Well, I know many of our friends are still on holiday, but I look forward to your return and hope you will share your travel adventures with us.

Atlanta (Wang Jian)

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2012/02/06 09:42
Hahaha, hey Atlanta looks like you and I went in opposite directions for our holidays. I went down under the ocean and you went up onto the mountains.

And then I come back to a rainy Changzhou, UGH!

2012/02/04 14:14
Changzhou is my hometown but now i live and work in Australia.
I know how you feel Freddie. This year my parents came to visit me and they said it was their happiest since they see how independent I am.
But they love Changzhou, especially new Mayor Yao and all the new shopping places. And I think we both know Professor Linda who made us feel very strong and full of confidence, right?

Next year I will come to Changzhou for vacation.

Freddie Pan说:
2012/02/04 12:20
My hometown is Lian Yungang,and the same to you,Atlanta, i went back to my hometown to be together with my family and all good friends.
This year,I enjoyed my holiday much happier than before.
My mom said it's because last year was the year that I really became independent. I couldn't agree with her more.
It means a lot to me that i could start to support my family.
And I really hope you all could enjoy your holiday!

2012/02/03 16:16
Hey Changzhou HAPPY NEW YEAR!

2012/02/03 14:21
Welcome back, my dear friends.

2012/02/03 13:15
Glad to be back in Changzhou!

2012/02/03 10:20
Got your email Ethan and Sam - will be there!

2012/02/03 09:02
Thanks for note Sam!

See you tonight.

Beautiful picture Atlanta.

2012/02/02 15:21
Hallo Atlanta,

You have very beautiful mountain in your home. Russia is same.

Professor we miss you in Sanya, do you come during summer?

2012/02/02 14:51
I have friends in a half dozen different cities throughout China and NO ONE has a Mayor like ours.

Will be happy to see this interview.

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