14 Oct 2011



Dear Netizens,

Please allow me to introduce the newest netizen member Mr. Timely Rain, appointed by Mayor Yao to gather all suggestions and concerns, then delegate the information to the appropriate governmental departments for solutions.

As a group allow me to send Mayor Yao our sincere gratitude in establishing a routine that will guarantee that all voices are heard. And we hope that despite our Mayor’s busy schedule, he will continue to periodically stop in and pay us a visit.

Having already attended a meeting concerning the updating of the governments website, I can tell you that this system shows great promise.

Thank you Mr. Mayor and greetings to Mr. Timely Rain! Our family welcomes you with open arms.

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2011/10/26 13:49
Hey Wang Jian, what about the avatar point please ?Thanks ;)

2011/10/23 13:11
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Marc O Polo说:
2011/10/18 04:44
Dear Wang Jian,Chinasteve has a good idea to add our own photo instead of avatar faces. I also would appreciate this.Of course it would be an option that could see us more friendly to everyone netizens, for those who like it.Marc O' Polo

2011/10/16 09:41
Wang Jian, is it possible to add (if we wish) our own photo as avatar instead of these ones ?I think many netizens would love to see faces of people they are chatting with, this would even more friendly and convenient i think ;)Thanks !

2011/10/16 08:48
The pedestrians in the city are NEVER safe, NEVER, NEVER and NEVER, this is insane and crazy !!Cars NEVER stop in order to let people cross even when when the sign is green for the pedestrians, for 2 reason:1/ There is a stupid rule which enables the cars to ALWAYS be able to turn right even when the light is red to go straight on (as there is seldom except on main cross roads, a light indicating the possibility to turn right...). And the cars feel like they have a ALMIGHTY priority on the poor people crossing the road, even on the zebra, whoever they are are, old, young, holding a baby in the arms, sunny or rainy day, no sense of compassion and respect AT ALL ... ;(2/ THIS ONE IS VERY IMPORTANT, As people know that NO cars will stop for them on the zebra, they decide to cross the roads ANYWHERE ANYTIME, making it even more dangerous for everybody...  Once again, all is about RULES and people who check the rules = THE TRAINED POLICEMEN ...Do not say "Oh but there are too many cars and people in CHangzhou", this is a FAKE excuse, ALL is ABOUT RULES as always.No worry there are 500 people concerned of 4 millons, if EVERYBODY follows the RULES (in fear of policement and fines), there is no problem anymore, this rule is the SAME all over the world.

2011/10/15 17:48
Hello new person from the Mayors Office!

Thank you for helping us with communication.

2011/10/15 17:26
Hope we can get some good stuff going Timely Rain!

Welcome to the group.

2011/10/15 17:11
Timely Rain is a most unusual name! But welcome and thanks for your efforts.

The streets of Changzhou are dangerous I think because there is very little law enforcement in that area.

The camera's might help towards improving that issue.

2011/10/15 16:59
OH MY GOD that poor little Nana with her little red purse trying to cross the street.

We ought to get flags made that you can wave when trying to cross the street.

2011/10/15 12:30
Oh no, Athens and Rome have the worst traffic in the world!

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