28 Jul 2008



  The Olympic Games and YOU

  What will you be doing as the competitions begin? And how will this landmark event affect your personal and work life?

  As a nation we watched the official opening of the Olympic Village this past July 27th。 Television media is showing us pictures of Heads of state from around the world bidding farewell to their hopeful teams as part of the Chinese delegation are the first to check in。 Beijing is now in the world spotlight!

  I am in the pool of journalists who expect an unforgettable Opening Ceremony under the direction of China’s own brilliant Zhang Yimou。 All of us have our favorite events。 I wonder if the American men’s basketball team will win the championship this time。 Will our favorite winner of the 110 meter hurdles, Liu Xiang win the title for us because of the homeland advantage? And will this become the Olympic year where China beats out the U。S。 and Russian rival teams to take the most gold medals?

  We all have questions that can not be answered until the close of the games。 And the best part for Chinese citizens is that we don’t have to stay up late in order to watch the competitions live。 Unfortunately the viewing rate of Changzhou TV Station will drop drastically due to the Olympic frenzy。 Oh my!

  Everybody has their own reasons for watching the Olympic Games。

  My friends, what are your reasons? What victories and defeats do you expect? What will you do when your favorite events conflict with your work schedule? Do you think this Olympic year will go down in history as the most noteworthy?

  For lucky students out on summer holiday, they will be treated to this landmark event。 A bit advice – try not to keep your eyes glued to the TV screen all the time, come up for food and fresh air every once in a while。 (smile)

  I’m looking forward to your comments。






  七月二十七号奥运村正式开村,中国代表团首先入住奥运村,电视上看到各国正在忙于给本国选手壮 行,希望他们在北京取得好的成绩,部分国外选手已陆续抵京。北京正处于世界的焦点之中!





  放假的同学们,你们该偷着乐了!今年注定会成为你们最难忘的暑假!一点忠告,别老盯着电视,适当地休息,呼吸一下新鲜空气还是有必要的! (smile)






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2008/08/03 03:59
I love the theme song of the Seoul Olympic Games "Hand in Hand"! Maybe Weiwei will sing the theme song of Beijing Olymic Games!

2008/08/03 03:38
《The Power Of The Dream》 celine dion canada
《Reach》 gloria estafan usa

the best olympic songs are both from atlantic ,1996
,in my opionion.

songs full of passion.

2008/08/03 03:33
《The Power Of The Dream》

Deep within each heart

there lies a magic spark that lights the fire of our imagination

And since the dawn of man

the strength of just I can has brought together people of all nations

There’s nothing ordinary in the living of each day

There’s a special part everyone of us will play

Feel the flame forever burn teaching lessons we must learn

to bring us closer to the power of the dream

my favorite olympic song,sung by celine dion,a greatest singer.

looking forword to our theme song.who will be the singer?

i guess,nan sun and jane zhang.

2008/08/02 00:51

2008/08/01 04:47

2008/07/30 05:41
Hi, ChrRonaldo, we’ve been wating for you! I called Dingli the next day when he had his baby. The little Dingding is cute!

2008/07/30 02:54
i have completed my work finally!
i am back!

2008/07/30 02:53
i finally completed my work.
i am back.

2008/07/30 02:49
wangwang,dingli have got a baby.
go to his blog,and say congratulations!
i have done!

2008/07/30 02:44
it is good to watch tv in the daytime.we won’t have to stay up all night long.
but ,
unfortunately,most of us are employees,we must work.
the boss will not allow you to watch tv in office,right?
so ,quit?

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