24 Jul 2008

Grateful locals bid farewell to heroic troops


Rescue work in Sichuan and other quake-affected areas is nearly finished. The remaining focus is now massive reconstruction.

According to an order signed, by Hu, the first group of 40,000 soldiers left on July 21st.

It was made clear in the order by Hu, that the soldiers and armed police deserved the countries highest praise for their rescue contribution.

All remaining forces will continue to concentrate on road repairs, residue clean-up and epidemic prevention, as directed by Chen Bingde, Chief of the General Staff – Chinese People’s Liberation Army.

Vice Chairman Xu Caihou – Central Military Commission visited the residence of several military troops and saw off the departing soldiers and officers.

Xu used the heart-breaking, yet noble death of Wu Wenbin, a 26 year-old soldier with the Jinan Military Area Command, who gave his life due to massive blood loss in the lungs due to overwork in the quake-relief mission. His life and death was an example about the importance of contributing with your whole heart for the Party and its people.

Xu emphasized that the withdrawal of troops will be safe and orderly.

The remaining soldiers expressed their absolute determination to continue working hard toward the re-building of the new hometown for the quake victims.

By July 18th, it has been reported that the troops and armed forces had completed the amazing feat of repairing more than 14,800 kilometers of roads, installed 220,000 temporary shelters and relocated more than 1.4 million people.





Brother soldier, we love you!



Locals of Pengzhou, Sichuan Province presents a rooster as a thank you gift through a train window to the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) soldiers leaving the province after earthquake-relief operations, at the railway station in Chengdu, Sichuan


Pengzhou locals carry baskets of fruit and food as thank you gifts for the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) soldiers leaving Sichuan Province after earthquake-relief operations, at the railway station in Chengdu, Sichuan



A man carries a rooster he failed to give as a gift to the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) soldiers who are leaving Pengzhou, Sichuan Province after quake-relief operations, at Chengdu railway station in Sichuan province, July 22, 2008.


At the Chengdu railway station, a People’s Liberation Army (PLA) soldier carries a bag with oaths written on it as his unit prepares to leave quake-hit Pengzhou, Sichuan Province after the relief work, July 22 2008.


Pengzhou locals in Sichuan Province bid farewell to the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) soldiers leaving the province after earthquake-relief operations, at the railway station in Chengdu, Sichuan, July 22, 2008.

  记得我小的时候在电影里看过这样的场面,朴素的灾区人民又把当年的动人场景推到了我们的眼前! 千言万语汇成一句话,感谢亲人子弟兵,感谢这些最可爱的人!!

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2008/08/28 09:35
Very interesting and touching photos.

2008/07/30 02:51
deeply moved! i have watched the report in cctv

2008/07/29 17:55
to ProfL:There is no explicit statement about how long.I think it will take five or six years to rebuild at least.Because the losses caused by the earthquake were so great.About sending aid,I think the quake victims need everyone’s help.U can ask the Red Cross what are they most in need.

2008/07/28 02:25
Good question, Hazel!

2008/07/27 21:51
Thanks Atlanta! i hope my question wasn’t offensive to anyone. I am just curious about Chinese culture and I seem to learn something new about it all the time.

2008/07/27 21:34
Have there been reports on how long they expect it will take to rebuild these areas? I wonder if we should still be sending aid?

2008/07/27 03:13
To eat! Just show his great thanks to these soldiers who helped the quake-hit victims during the past two months!You know, their homes were destroyed by the earthquake, maybe rooster is the most precious gift they can give to the soldiers.

2008/07/26 21:39
Wonderful pictures! May I ask something please? Is there special meaning behind giving chicken as a gift? Is it meant to breed other chickens or to eat or is it a cultural tradition? Just curious.

2008/07/26 21:25
Wow...these pictures are worth a thousand words Atlanta. Our friend Professor L may not like me saying that since she lives in the world of words. (smile)

2008/07/26 10:43
Hi, profL and Imignon! Do tell us your wonderful holiday when you come back to Changzhou!

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