22 Jul 2008

  Basketball stars protected


  Fans of Yao Ming hoping to catch a glimpse of their idol entering or leaving the Olympic basketball venue should get ready to be disappointed, as a senior security official said yesterday that the giant center will be kept well away from the crowds when he is not on court。

  Zhou Bing, deputy director of the Wukesong Indoor Stadium, which will host the basketball competitions, said four separate entrances will be used for spectators, press, athletes and officials。

  A police cordon(警戒线) will be set up several hundred meters from the athletes’ entrance to stop fans getting too close, Zhou told reporters yesterday, during a tour of the stadium。

  "If fans want to see Yao Ming or any of the other NBA superstars, they will have to wait until they are on court," he said。

  Cao Dongxiang, a senior officer with Beijing’s public security bureau, who is in charge of Olympic venue security, said that of the 28 sports being contested at this summer’s Games, just basketball and football have been given the highest security risk rating。

  These are known for attracting large numbers of passionate fans and will feature lots of big-name players, he said。

  During the Games, a total of 1,500 paramilitary and regular police, professional security guards and Olympic volunteers will patrol a 310,000-sq-m security zone, encompassing the basketball stadium and three nearby baseball fields, Zhou said。

  As well as the people on the ground, about 600 surveillance cameras will be used in the zone, and an infrared security system has been installed along the perimeter fence to detect intruders, he said。

  While making every effort to keep people safe, Cao said the police are also trying hard to limit the impact of the security measures on people’s enjoyment of the events。

  "We want people to have fun," he said。

  Zhou said help centers will be set up inside and outside the basketball venue to handle lost-and-found items and other general issues。

  In another development, (另据报道)

  Greece, which stunned the United States in basketball two years ago, will join the Americans at the Olympics in a strong Group B, which now includes all three medalists from the last world championships。

  Germany also was drawn into Group B after clinching the last available spot in Beijing by beating Puerto Rico 96-82 Sunday behind 32 points from Dallas Mavericks All-Star Dirk Nowitzki in the third-place game at the Olympic qualifying tournament。

  Greece locked up its spot Saturday by beating Puerto Rico in the semifinals。 The Greeks knocked off the Americans 101-95 in the semifinals of the 2006 world championships before losing to Spain in the finals

  The United States and Spain, which had already qualified for Beijing, were previously drawn into Group B along with host China and Angola。

  The men’s basketball competition will start on August 10。

  Group A:

  Argentina, Australia, Croatia, Lithuania, Iran, Russia

  Group B:

  Angola, China, Greece, Germany, Spain, United States

  American Dream 8 Team will play warm-up matches in Shanghai on August 3rd and 5th。 Don’t miss it if you can’t go to Beijing!






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2008/08/21 07:50
China ranks the 8th in the final of this Olympic Games! Not bad!

2008/08/03 10:10
American team beat Russia today by 89 to 68.

2008/07/29 18:22
to Hazel:Yao is too big for an ordinary Chinese girl.Mm…… He looks just OK.

2008/07/29 18:14
5555~sigh again~!I have to work.BTW,I’ve stayed Nanjing for 7 years.my bloom of youth~(这样用对么?)
to ProfL:I haven’t met Yao. I wish~!I hope ther will be a Chinese football star like Yao in the future.And this man will save the Chinese football team.(fingers crossed^)

2008/07/27 21:52
I think Yao Ming is really a handsome guy. Is he handsome in Chinese standards?

2008/07/27 21:37
OH Sunrobbi, i hope you can go! Yao Ming is really one of China’s athletic treasures. Have you ever seen him play in person before? Have you ever met him? If you do go, please come back and tell us all about it.

2008/07/26 10:46
Sunrobbi,The diamond baseket match will be held in Nanjing from July 29th to August 3rd. I don’t think you have problem getting some tickes,after all you have stayed there for 4 years!

2008/07/25 15:39
On last Thursday,my cousin and his friends went to see Yao Ming playing a warm-up match in Hangzhou.What a pity I missed the chance to see the superstar,’cause I had to work.

2008/07/23 14:03
Not professional, just like hoops!

2008/07/23 11:57
By the way, I am also the captain of Changzhou TV Station Basketball Team. (two captains in the team)

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