18 Jun 2008
Return to Glory: Celtics win NBA title
Still remember my Monday’s blog? I said let’s celebrate the day after tomorrow (June 18th) and Paul Pierce will be the finals MVP.
I really regret I didn’t have a bet with A Gao! (阿高) Haha
This morning, Garnett scored 26 points with 14 rebounds, Allen scored 26 and Pierce, The Finals MVP who shook off a sprained right knee sustained in Game 1, added 17 as the Celtics wrapped up their first title since 1986.
They might be calling it the “Boston Three Party” after the Celtics big victory and rightfully so. Of course Rondo (who scored 21 points today) and James Posey were also integral parts of this championship. It was truly a team effort for the Celtics.
For Lakers, there’s plenty of blame to go around for sure. You can look to Koby disappearing at crucial times. Absolutely no consistent inside presence was another factor. Mr. Paul Gasol, The Lakers were looking for you in the Finals. Now to be fair, Boston’s defense was the cause of a lot of the Lakers’ woes in the series.
Don’t cry Kobe! Beijing welcomes you!
Good-bye, 2008 Finals!
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2008/06/30 07:12
你好,快乐游客!谢谢你的评价,关于你说的"在线茶楼"的事我已咨询网站,他们有"嘉宾网聊",不久的将来会安排!希望你能继续支持!Take care!

2008/06/26 10:25

2008/06/26 06:58

2008/06/23 09:53
i like suns more,Celtics is ugly

2008/06/19 15:57

2008/06/19 00:54
My friend A Gao is the captain of CTV Basketball Team!

2008/06/18 14:42
Who is A Gao? Your friend? It seems that you are a big basketball fan!

2008/06/18 09:55
I hope play basketball with you someday!

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