5 Jun 2008
My first blog!
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Enter Wang Jian’s Blog

I’ve been very privileged to be a CTV News Anchor for seven years. I don’t know about you, but I’m continually amazed at the wonder of technology. We can interact with one another like never before in history. Seven years ago I had no idea what a BLOG was – did it exist?  And now it is part of our culture.


I’d like to tell you a little bit about myself. A journalist life is one filled with fact-finding and diverse networking, so that the audience can always get the best possible current information about any given situation in life. And I’ve had a front-row seat as the development of Changzhou has progressed.


CTV’s English News program is the ONLY English-speaking presentation on Changzhou’s local television network. So I take on the responsibility of being an excellent source of information to the Expat community very seriously. The goal of the CTV television crew is to become your BEST source for Business, News, Entertainment and Special Events.


I hope this blog is a catalyst towards creating a stronger relationship between Changzhou and its Foreign Citizens. We want to help make your life here easier, and more interesting. We care about YOU!



Wang Jian

Wang Jian, Television News Anchor - CTV English News Program
Tel: 86679977 (Hotline - News Dept. of Changzhou CTV)

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2008/07/01 12:41
汪健,你真的很棒!支持你! Support you!

2008/06/30 06:19
interpration is not a hard work.we hope more english programme will be dilivered

2008/06/27 13:12
Hi Little Strawberry Smile, which class are you in, so I can give you extra credit? I am really happy to see you here. Make sure you watch Mr. Wang’s program if you can....he is a good example for you. His English is great. PROFESSOR L

2008/06/27 04:42
I’m PROFESSOR L’s student.Thank you to give me the chance to know this Web.It’s very good for us.

2008/06/21 12:51
No wonder you are an anchor of English program! Very good English!

2008/06/20 02:15
I think having an English Forum is a good idea too. Mr. Wang is that possible to create here? I would be happy let others practice their English language skills with me.

2008/06/18 02:50
This is a good platform to communicate, not only for foreigners but for local citizens! Hope to be a forum in English!

2008/06/18 01:55
It’s nice to read it.

2008/06/17 01:00
I’m happy to see 5 USA photos of 6 .

2008/06/17 00:57
This is a good start,I think. Good luck for you!

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