24 Apr 2019


Jiangsu has recently been very active in providing activities for foreigners to experience the true culture of this province.

4 Apr 2019


More than a half decade ago, in a story I took my family of Netizens to see the historic cultural gem of Changzhou – Qing Guo Alley. Filled with history and colorful people it was an amazing trip.

6 Mar 2019


Chinese Premier Li Keqiang delivered the Government Work Report to the second session of the 13th National People's Congress in Beijing on Tuesday.

12 Feb 2019
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For better or worse, China’s Spring Festival period is the largest annual human migration event on the planet. Known as CHUNYUN, it usually starts 15 days ahead of the Chinese New Year and 25 days after, lasting for 40 days. Every plane, train, bus and highways are jammed packed with family members going home. An estimated 73 million flights have been recorded so far.


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