3 Jun 2008

Beginning this year, for all people in China, the Dragon Boat Festival (端午节) will mean free days between June 7 – 9. (Cool! 3 days holiday! It means lazy morning and basketball fun for me! )

Officially falling on the fifth day of the fifth lunar month, the Dragon Boat Festival is also known as Double Fifth Day. While many stories regarding its origin abound, the most popular and widely accepted version regards Qu Yuan, a minister during the Warring States Period (475 - 221 BC)

3 Jun 2008

This historic night was sponsored the Changzhou Charity Association, China Red Cross and the Changzhou Chamber of Commerce. More than 4,000 people attended including a noteworthy number of very generous foreign citizens.

Changzhou’s top leaders described the swift relief action our city took after the disaster. The municipal government immediately designated 5 million yuan, and dispatched medical teams, fire-fighting soldiers, electricians and survival materials within the first 24 hours of the horrific event. By May 23rd an additional 100 million yuan, along with 7,000 tents and 20 million yuan worth of medicine had been sent to the quake area.

Party Secretary Fan Yanqing, who is also the honorary President of the Changzhou Charity Association delivered a heartfelt speech about the duty that all Citizens of Changzhou should have to aid the disaster victims. And he expressed that by extending a helping hand in the spirit of harmony and unity, these virtues assist in building a stronger society for us all.

 By the end of the evening an estimated 173 million yuan had been collected to help ease the suffering of the earthquake victims.

Dear Citizens,

THANK YOU for your generosity and support. May all those affected find peace, and recover from this horrible disaster quickly!

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