28 Jun 2008

                                                                       What is life for?

                 This morning, when I entered my blog, I found an interesting topic in English Teahouse. There was a heated discussion about life! If you have interest, please enter "English Teahouse" to join us! You can’t miss it!

                Thank you wowpro for your topic. Hope everybody enjoy their wonderful life!

               早晨打开我的博客被"英语茶楼"里 wowpro发的一个帖子所吸引! "生活究竟意味着什么?",一个看似平常的话题,引起了中外网友的热议.亲爱的朋友,加入我们的讨论吧!也祝愿我们每个人都能拥有丰富多彩的人生!

              请点击"English Teahouse"进入!                        Have a Nice Weekend!                汪健

27 Jun 2008
                                                     Olympic Games Slogan
1984  Los Angeles Summer Olympics  “Play part in History” 参与历史
1988  Seoul Summer Olympics  “Harmony and Progress” 和谐进步
1992  Barcelona Summer Olympics “Friends for Life” 永远的朋友
1996  Atlanta Summer Olympics “The Celebration of the Century” 世纪庆典
1998  Nagano (长野) Winter Olympics “From around the world to flower as one”  让世界凝聚成一朵花
2000  Sydney Summer Olympic “Share the Spirit” 分享奥林匹克精神
2002  Salt Lake City Winter Olympic “Light the fire within” 点燃心中之火
2004  Athens Summer Olympics “Welcome Home” 欢迎回家
2006  Turin(都灵)Winter Olympics “An Ever Burning Flame” 永不熄灭的火焰
2008  Beijing Summer Olympics “One World, One Dream” 同一个世界,同一个梦想!
27 Jun 2008




American CNBC (www.cnbc.com) network has reported Changzhou recently. The video and the promotion scripts are as follows, i am very privileged to participate in the crew of the CNBC while they are in Changzhou. This is the second part!

全球第三大电视台美国的CNBC最近报道了常州并制作了宣传片,以下是4段宣传片文稿和视频,请欣赏! (本人也有幸参与了CNBC在常州的摄制过程,受益非浅!)下面是第二集.

25 Jun 2008





建设现代传煤中心 发展常州广电事业

Changzhou city planners are about to give us another spectacular new 309-meter high landmark building in the Xinbei district. They have recognized the importance of mass communication in our society and will be building, a modern mass media center which will be home to radio, television, internet, mobile television, online (network) TV, and animation.

24 Jun 2008

Slow down a little, save a lot of gas

Speeding on the highway adds a surprising amount to your fuel costs

Last Saturday, we talked about the topic on whether the price hike of refined oil would have impact on your daily life or not in my English Teahouse. Now, let’s look at how our American friends cope with it. (www.cnn.com)
With gas prices rising, gas-saving advice abounds: Drive more gently, don’t carry extra stuff in your trunk, combine your shopping trips.
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