13 Jul 2008



  “Let us use accurate English always!” Those are the thoughts of Mr。 Shen Yilin, Director of Foreign Affairs Office of the Changzhou Municipal Government。 In a phone call he told me about some embarrassing mistakes he had found in an important ongoing public PAPER RECYCLING campaign。

  A program initiated by the Youth League of Changzhou’s Municipal Party Committee, aims to deliver a message advocating recycling, saving energy and building a harmoniously unified city。 The program is entitled “Show your love by donating and recycling waste paper。” The subtitles appearing on TV read “Donating more waste paper, Making it too heavy, too thick” was not even close to the true meaning of the message intended by the program。 Many people, especially foreigners noticed the mistake but perhaps felt shy about bringing them to our attention。

  Are we a city that takes Chinglish at our most public levels for granted? Mr。 Shen, says, NO, we must strive to be accurate in our English usage at all times。 I was proud to know that we have a Municipal Leader who takes this strong stand! And I was touched when he called me。 The true translation of the program’s original message was “Every piece of waste paper donated contributes towards less waste and can be recycled, then used again。”

  A short version could be “We Love Changzhou – please RECYCLE all paper!”

  A few years ago China launched a nationwide Olympic campaign “Use accurate English to welcome the Olympics” in order to correct Chinglish used in public signs, media commercials, and especially those items and places that guided foreign visitors。

  Recently an American friend of mine showed me a booklet about living in Changzhou。 And she pointed out dozens of English mistakes。 As Changzhou moves forward into the International spotlight, let’s hope the concern for using accurate English continues to be important within our leadership。

  Dear friends, let’s take an active role in the improvement of incorrect English in Changzhou。 When you find Chinglish in public signs, on TV, in printed materials, please enter it into my BLOG。 And feel free to send pictures so we can discuss and correct them。 Thank you!

  Wang Jian

11 Jul 2008








10 Jul 2008
THANK YOU is not enough!
    Although I am comfortable speaking English these words can not express my deepest feelings。 For those who have visited and supported my blog, and especially to those who come regularly – YOU are what makes this effort successful。 Foreign citizens, Changzhou people, and even American businessmen have brought color to a simple idea I had about    bringing people together。 I hope this community continues to enjoy the great conversations brought to this site。

  And I welcome any and all suggestions about improving it for you。 I AM HERE FOR YOU!

  From the bottom of my heart – THANK YOU!

  Wang Jian





  From the bottom of my heart----谢谢!

  汪 健

CNN Newsroom

8 Jul 2008
Here is an insight look at a typical day at the television station for ME!

工作室 Newsroom Working Station


我的同事 journalist colleagues

配音 Audio Dubbing

7 Jul 2008

Dear Expats,

A wonderful French Snack shop has opened on the ground floor of Qin Ye Auchan Market –(勤业欧尚超市一楼). Our favorite Frenchman Steve is giving our city another chance to enjoy great tasting snacks from France. He has joined forces with 2 other French friends and their families Chris and Miguel.

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