22 Jul 2008

  Basketball stars protected


  Fans of Yao Ming hoping to catch a glimpse of their idol entering or leaving the Olympic basketball venue should get ready to be disappointed, as a senior security official said yesterday that the giant center will be kept well away from the crowds when he is not on court。

  Zhou Bing, deputy director of the Wukesong Indoor Stadium, which will host the basketball competitions, said four separate entrances will be used for spectators, press, athletes and officials。

  A police cordon(警戒线) will be set up several hundred meters from the athletes’ entrance to stop fans getting too close, Zhou told reporters yesterday, during a tour of the stadium。

  "If fans want to see Yao Ming or any of the other NBA superstars, they will have to wait until they are on court," he said。

  Cao Dongxiang, a senior officer with Beijing’s public security bureau, who is in charge of Olympic venue security, said that of the 28 sports being contested at this summer’s Games, just basketball and football have been given the highest security risk rating。

  These are known for attracting large numbers of passionate fans and will feature lots of big-name players, he said。

  During the Games, a total of 1,500 paramilitary and regular police, professional security guards and Olympic volunteers will patrol a 310,000-sq-m security zone, encompassing the basketball stadium and three nearby baseball fields, Zhou said。

  As well as the people on the ground, about 600 surveillance cameras will be used in the zone, and an infrared security system has been installed along the perimeter fence to detect intruders, he said。

20 Jul 2008
Come Play With Us!
There is an interesting game running through BLOG-LAND. My good friend “Peaceful Sky” sent me the following list of 20 questions that help describe your character. I found it to be entertaining. The rule of the game is to keep it moving by answering all BUT 1 question – instead you create your own question, then pass it along to another. All answers have to be entered in the blog.
I thought you might be interested in my answers will want to comment or participate.
新浪上的很多博客做着这样的点名游戏,被点到名的博主必须在博客里回答20个问题,被点到名的要在自己博客里写下自己的答案,然后去掉一个你最不喜欢的问题再加上一个你的问题,组成20个问题,传给其他人,偶很荣幸被好友”宁静致远的天空”点到名,现将这些问题拿来回答了一下,做完题目,下一个请好友Sunrobbi 回答。
1. How to define a BEST friend?
The first person that I think of when I had the happiest or the saddest time!
2、Which season do you like best? Why?
Spring, it is full of hope
春天 充满了希望
3、What if you were rejected by the person you like best?
Turn around and leave!
4、What place do you want to travel most? Why?
Too many places to name now.
5、What characteristic do you value the most in yourself?
I know when its time to think before acting.
6、What would you do when you are in a BLUE (sad) mood?
Play basketball (find top players to play with, it’s stimulating)
7.Do you believe true friendship exists between male and female?
8、What’s your realistic target for the next 5 years?
No comment!
9、How do you react when someone treats you with NO respect? Eye for an eye or ignore him?
Teach him how to respect others! Don’t ask me how!
10.What do you lack in your current life?
18 Jul 2008
   As another way to showcase China’s wonderful culture, one of the most important Olympic preparations being made has to do with FOOD. Many hotels in Beijing have been collecting data about favorite dishes of the heads of state, politicians and IOC officials.
Specialized kitchens have been created for some heads of state to provide western dishes prepared by their personal chefs. But in addition several Beijing hotels are launching new Chinese dishes, because they have discovered many foreign heads of state truly enjoy authentic Chinese dishes.
  • French President Sarkozy favorite Chinese dish: Fried Wonton dumplings
  • British Prime Minister Brown prefers: Pineapple Chicken
  • President George W. Bush enjoys: Beijing Roast Duck, Shrimp with Spicy Salt and Beijing Mutton Chops
  Interesting facts and comments:
    French President Sarkozy favorite Chinese dish: Fried dumplings
15 Jul 2008


Dear Netizens,

  My blog is growing so fast, I thought it might be easier to set up specific categories that you can easily see and choose to participate in or just read。 I hope this makes your visit more convenient。 Thank you for your great support in making this a successful effort。

  From today on, I will set up "I NEED HELP PLEASE!"。 In this place you can ask any question about problems or puzzling situations you are having within the city。 No question will go unanswered。

  Wang Jian







14 Jul 2008



Lines of Kungfu Panda

  Lines of Kungfu Panda



  There are no accidents。


  One meets its destiny on the road he takes to avoid it


  Your mind is like this water, my friend , when it is agitated ,it becomes difficult to see ,but if you allow it to settle , the answer becomes clear。


  Quit don’t quit。 Noodles don’t noodles。


  There is a saying,

  Yesterday is history

  Tomorrow is a mystery

  But today is a gift

  That is why it’s called the present (the gift)

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